Adventure Time Cake Pops! How to Make Finn & Jake from Adventure Time – by Cupcake Addiction

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23 Responses to “Adventure Time Cake Pops! How to Make Finn & Jake from Adventure Time – by Cupcake Addiction”

  1. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Finally ADVENTURE TIME is here! Cute AT Cake Pops and a custom AT earring
    GIVEAWAY! Watch the vid for more info…

  2. trin says:

    5th comment!

  3. Yumi Aguinaldo says:

    Hi, i noticed ur cake pop was firm and did not crumble or cracked much. Can
    u share how u did it? That’s my problem in making cake pops and as a result
    i have to really handle it with care. Thanks in advance! :)

  4. LILY HANDSON says:

    OMG, I am arwally big fan of you and Adventuretime. As a birthday is coming
    up can you make a cake with lady Rainicorn as a rainbow! x subscriber! x

  5. Neon Roberts says:

    My sister and I were watching this, and we were wondering if you could
    please try to show us how to make Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and Lady
    Rainicorn? Or maybe give us some tips on what you think might work? Thank

  6. Nora Bott says:

    Competition Entry:
    FINN!!! (Please)

  7. Nicole P says:


  8. Avery Chambers says:

    Please do something HARRY POTTER!

  9. Meena S says:

    Hey could you please do Minecraft videos ?? That would be awesome!

  10. Fading Angelxoxo says:

    Jake has glasses…? When did this happen?

  11. Kristina Lee says:

    Can you do minecraft cake pops

  12. Darrian Hill says:

    Can you make uncle grandpa cake pops thank you

  13. Minsuk Ken says:

    Please make Pocoyo and Friends cake or cake pops.. I want to make one for
    my one and only nephew because they’re his favorite in Disney Jr and his
    2nd birthday is coming on Sept 2… please please please please…

  14. rabbitsand possums says:

    Completion entry!!!!

    I love Finn AND jake but my fav charater is Marcline because she’s awesome
    and a great singer

    P.S keep up the good work Elise 

  15. Chalycejade 913 says:

    Competition entry
    My fav adventure time character is bubble gum princess

  16. Adrika Saha says:

    Competition entree


  17. Esme Sinclair says:

    Hi love marcaline

  18. Milly Kac says:

    Competition entry
    Hi alice love adventure time and you so this was my fave cake pop video
    P.s can u make a snoopy cake my mum is turning 40 and im baking a cake and
    I need a guidence xox luv ya videos

  19. Alp Özgül says:

    Competition entry .

    My fav. Character is BMO 

  20. Guud Show says:


  21. Josiah Pineda says:

    Competition Entry.
    My favorite character is Finn. I think he’s hilarious, and he reminds me a
    lot of myself.
    The main reason why I’m entering, is because my cousins birthday is in a
    few weeks, and adventure time is her favorite tv show. So I thought, what
    better present than those amazing earrings.
    Thank you. 

  22. Aimee Sutton says:

    Cool I want to follow you on google+

  23. Gotham Michael tK GM says:


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