This week was my birthday so today I made the Animal Crossing Birthday Cake! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, b…
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  1. likeastarbaby says:

    I really wish that American’s would STOP USING CUPS as a measurement in
    baking. Cannot even describe how frustrating it is when you find an amazing
    recipe online and it starts talking about cups. Theres no way to measure a
    cup without a special measuring utensil! please come join the rest of the
    developed world in the metric system.

  2. Emma_Lemonade_Does_MC says:

    Lol posted on my b day XD

  3. Childrenofworld2014 says:

    she is genius, how old is she?

  4. kiya arnold says:

    You should do something the fault in our stars! 😀 Please!

  5. Foxy ThePirateFox says:

    You should do tomodachi life!

  6. Sophia Williams says:

    a ever after high cake plz!!!!!

  7. lolazo2002 says:

    Pool cake!

  8. MrSquash Pie says:

    Holly and Anna play Animal Crossing, so I think they’ll like this video…

  9. Lamya Hassan says:

    Harry potter

  10. mysha mehadi says:

    swimming pool cake 

  11. ethan martin says:

    do a minecraft steve

  12. Scott Nelson says:

    A Roblox cake pllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee?!

  13. Lan Phương Phạm says:

    sugar cookies please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mckenna Kurz says:

    You should do mlp twilight sparkle cake plz.

  15. beeWesley says:

    Happy late birthday!!

  16. dirley centeno says:

    How old are you???????

  17. Nicolette Noonan says:


  18. Jordyn Hardyman says:

    If she was my age she would be pregnant as fuck

  19. xXAzureAngelXx says:

    I will never make this but I just love watching cooking for some reason lol

  20. Trafalgar Law says:

    She should do a Katamari Damacy Cake or a Majora’s Mask Cake!!! 

  21. faye mitchison says:

    A tomodachi life birthday cake play the game!!!!!

  22. Carolyn Leigh says:

    Yeah can you do a fault in our stars cake, Ro?☺️

  23. Amanda G says:

    I never make her creations I just like watching cooking vids for some
    reason that I don’t know lol

  24. danah yazeed says:

    The fault in our stars !!!plz

  25. Licca Ningyo says:

    something “Animal jam”

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