Baby Rattle Cake Pops! Make Cute Baby Shower Treats – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

I have had so many requests for baby shower cake pops, cupcakes and large cakes so this week I bring you all 3! These baby shower cakepops are simple, cute a…
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Thanks for watching! Leave a LIKE and SHARE if you enjoyed this! In celebration of Dead Island I wanted to make something zombie themed!! Check out APL’s Cha…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Baby Rattle Cake Pops! Make Cute Baby Shower Treats – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. Emma Kjaersgaard says:

    its my sisters first birthday soon and this will be perfect

  2. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Baby Rattle Cakepops! Lots of requests for Baby themed goodies so heres the
    1st of 3 awesome vids to choose from!

  3. chandra reed says:

    Such a cute idea..Loved it

  4. Elina Passant says:

    Please please please do something Christmassy 

  5. Marc Manuele says:

    Whenever I melt candy melts it’s always thick!!!?? And when I dip my cake
    pops the pop falls off. How are u sooooo perfect??

  6. cake in the night says:

    At first I thought they were going to be those candy filled spheres so it
    would actually rattle, but I guess trying to attach the stick wouldn’t work

  7. krista turk says:

    thank you so much for this video! i going to make this for my friends baby

  8. christina huynh says:

    OMG white chocolate kit kats ~.~ I LOVE white chocolate

  9. Megan Asuncion says:

    My 4 year old little sister and I (13) have been watching your video for a
    really long time and we’re planning on making these for my mom who’s giving
    birth a little girl any day now :) We’re super excited and love your videos
    SOOO~ much ^_^

  10. Krista Downing says:

    @AlannaCarloson the same way she did the boy one duh 

  11. Jacqueline Castrillo says:

    u said melted black chocolate lol hey at least i know we all make mistakes!
    such a great ideaa!!!! my cousins baby shower is in two weeks. perfect!

  12. The Icing Artist says:

    Aww those are adorable! I cant wait to make those for the next baby shower
    i go to! Great idea! Thanks for the video!

  13. Alanna Carlson says:

    How do you do the girl ones?

  14. cheryl tozer says:

    Hang on!! Can you do a tutorial using your sphere chocolate candy molds
    filled with a few pieces of candy to make noise when you shake it or would
    it be too delicate? Thank you Ms. Elise!!! **Cheryl**

  15. Brooke Dent says:

    These are perfect becuase I’m actually having a baby shower on Sunday 

  16. Larincia Hambrick says:

    Such a fabulous idea!

  17. Happiness21 says:
  18. Bubziiees says:

    This would also be awesome if you used a hollow chocolate ball with m&m’s
    inside that would actually rattle! :) awesome video as awakes Elise!

  19. Jazzmin Mora says:

    Make any thing with nutella

  20. Zotw High says:

    love your videos ! They make me soooo hungry.. `

    Soon will be the release of catching fire and i wanted to know if you had
    some ideas for snack decoration or cakes for this occasion ? 

  21. Leah Thompson says:

    So cute! Just found out tonight that my aunt is pregnant so this was
    perfect timing! Love your videos btw!! 😀 <3 

  22. mcmuffinburger2 says:

    your ideas are the best im going to do this with the paper straws i was
    finding that my cake pops were prone to falling more when doing with the
    paper straw…this is the solution!!! 

  23. Marina Leong says:

    Just an idea: why not make this cake pop even realistic if you could add
    mini m&m’s in the cake pop with the sphere moulds like you did with the
    lady bug tutorial? like this it would shake like a real rattle..?

  24. Carlos Mujia says:

    Please for my daughters make a diam bar cake

  25. KarlaKevin Nugyen says:

    Please do 1 direction

  26. FenderManStudios says:

    Me and my Mom made these for a Halloween party we went to back in October,
    and it was a hit with the guests. Thanks Cupquake!

  27. Thuy Nguyen says:

    Do you mean the monster high one or just some ramdom?

  28. Jennifer Blouin says:

    omg I tried itsoo yummy like omgaaaaaa

  29. nate alexander says:

    would it be a lot easy to just smush up the rasberrys ????????? please

  30. Gaby Mugica says:

    It looks soooooooooo yummy

  31. Sierra Graven says:

    You should make a minecraft cake

  32. Nicole sparkles says:

    OMG your hair isn’t purple in this vid

  33. Haylee S.T. says:

    The spoon scraping the pan!!!! Ughhhhh

  34. Amy Nguyen says:


  35. Dominique Johnson says:

    You are to fat man

  36. Rachelle Stephens says:


  37. Janai Counts says:

    My mom has the same exact pan as u

  38. S Eserkaln says:

    That guy is HALARIOUS!

  39. tyler barrett says:

    This is offencive to zombies

  40. Greg Hall says:

    Do you know if they make elbow molds?

  41. Cha Collins says:

    i wish i could bake with you :(

  42. Miguel h says:

    make a fondunt enderman

  43. Leanne Smith says:

    maybe you could make minecraft wepon cake pops if that is ok

  44. Ain Kamilia says:

    jomey vecada its chocolate but its strawberry flavoured idiot.

  45. Jasmine Henderson says:

    my brother has those molds!!! :)

  46. YingYang Official says:

    Ur da best tiffy!!!

  47. Super Happy says:


  48. joshua perry says:

    wheres Mario

  49. julianna hatcher says:

    i cant wait to bake with you,i ‘m so exited. Straight face the whole
    time…. yea, really exited

  50. Martin Castillo says:

    Minecraft zombie

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