Bake Pop – As Seen On TV

Buy the Bake Pop at Amazon: Now with Starbucks selling cake pops behind the counter, they seem to be all the rage. We review the cake pop pan called “Bake Pop” as seen…
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25 Responses to “Bake Pop – As Seen On TV”

  1. Pinkcookie says:

    “There not supposed to turn out as good as the picture…. cause we’re
    making it.” LOL XD

  2. DeeChavezable says:

    First off this guy is so rude to his kid. As for your review it was
    horrible. You didn’t mix the cake batter well, there were lumps every
    As for the melting chocolate, you never stirred it, which means some of the
    chocolate must have burned. You should have used a thermometer to reach the
    exact melting point for the chocolate and THEN leave it on the second

  3. Nandipha Sango says:

    Cute boy!!!

  4. G Money says:

    I hope the father encourages the son and himself to get excercise. That’s a
    lot of breathing.

  5. Zoey K. says:

    The cake batter was all lumpy..

  6. Atarah Maryam Serolf says:

    You’re so funny guys yet you need to improve your baking skills… try it
    again and learn from your mistakes 😉 I knew you can do better than that

  7. fjcp18 says:

    cool i laughed a lot hahaha

  8. Tiffany Lee says:

    Love the family involvement, but I’m not going to attempt to even make it.

  9. Jennifer westbrooks says:

    FYI: It wasn’t the melting pot. That isn’t how cake pops are supposed to be
    made lol.

  10. Sorgutentarer says:

    that kid’s going back to the store

  11. Mathias Petersen says:


    I am training to be a chef and im nearly done with my education.

    Here is the answer to your question to the boiler. The chocolate you used,
    is artificial made from artificial color and stuff. REAL chocolate, is made
    out of chocolatebeans and chocolate-butter. Combined in % they have
    different consistances. The lower the chocolate %, the thinner the
    chocolate. Stop using the artificial stuff and use the real, fresh stuff.
    That way, your cooking will go to another level, and all this nonsense you
    are using, will leave this world, and ppl will become more healthy..

    Good luck.. 

  12. Vicky Rogers says:

    The chocolate melter works great. You would get the same outcome with a
    double boiler. You need to add veggy oil or shortening to the chocolate to
    make it thinner. Also, cake pops are suppose to be much sweeter and denser
    than just cake. Original cake pops is just cake that has been crumbled and
    combined with icing and rolled into balls. The original way is probably
    much easier and taste better than this. FYI :) 

  13. jesus perez says:

    The son

  14. FearTheTwinkie says:

    I feel like Jack is a really lonely man. Always was and always will be.

  15. Ellis Daniels says:

    melting pot is ok need to keep on melt and turn to warm just before dipping
    PS add 2 tablespoons oil to thin mix if still to thick 

  16. TonalDesigns says:

    Not real cakepops o3o

  17. GRACE JOHNSTON says:


  18. Quinton Man says:

    Hey jack what flavor was the green candies by the way love your videos

  19. PaingelFake | Come Join My Games! says:

    I really miss the old house

  20. E J Darly says:

    Great reviews. You and your son made my children laugh when he kept trying
    to eat the sprinkles off. I’m thinking about getting something like this.

  21. mohammed sayed says:

    I got that

  22. Daravenc says:

    red cake and green chocolate(?) welcome to america!

  23. fatema potia says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  24. Czarayny Zaidi says:

    I love your family

  25. COD Masterz says:

    Make something 

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