Basic Cake Pops – RECIPE

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25 Responses to “Basic Cake Pops – RECIPE”

  1. Milly Seruvakula says:

    I love watching your vids… it’s so easy to understand and follow… you
    are Amazing. :)

  2. rabia aibar says:

    Can I use a stick? By the way, great videos!

  3. Louella Chan says:

    You’re amazing. Your videos are very simple and helpful!

  4. lexyjoli1216 says:

    im baking my own cake instead of buying can i do it does it turn out the
    same ?

  5. OnePotChefShow says:

    Yes that’s fine 😉

  6. Police Simmer says:

    Good video greetings :)

  7. Maurice Schermelleh says:

    Thanks David for the recipe. I will try this tomorrow. Greetings from
    Germany. 😀

  8. SerenityNow81 says:

    I love your channel! You make such great recipes !

  9. OnePotChefShow says:

    I hope you have fun making them 😀

  10. darkmask s.z says:

    thank you for the recipe i was looking for it :)

  11. Vivian Le says:

    Dayummnn looks so nicee D:

  12. katelyn sim says:

    Can I replace the milk chocolate with Nutella?

  13. OnePotChefShow says:

    That clip is from my “Chocolate Hedgehog Slice” video. You’ll find the
    “Desserts” playlist on my channel page 😉

  14. CookingMohoja says:

    I love the sticks. Where did you get them?

  15. Morgan Higgins says:

    Love cake pops!

  16. OnePotChefShow says:

    You’re welcome Jimmy! :)

  17. marinerfan19 says:

    David-in your intro, what is the green looking stuff that you are putting
    into a pie crust?

  18. LJG Tape says:

    This looks so good can’t wait to see how mine turn out!

  19. michelle from down under in bundy says:

    no i gave them vinllia sponge cake

  20. natalie1605 says:

    If the cake has frosting on it, it would be useful to stick the cake
    together when you crumble it as it’s what is normally used. I like your
    twist though too, yummy chocolate! 😉

  21. Tee Black says:

    I think this one is my favorite. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks.

  22. Ern Ern Saw says:

    those sticks… replaced by bamboo ones… is it Ok?

  23. OnePotChefShow says:

    That’s from the “Quick Pesto Quiche” video – You’ll find it in the “Main
    Meals” playlist on my channel page 😉

  24. Nicky Rose says:

    If it was vannalia do you have to youese Choclate

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