Beautiful Ombre Push Pops! Make Layered Cake Shooters – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Beautiful Ombre Push Pops! Make Layered Cake Shooters - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Learn how to make these stunning Ombre layered push pops. Ombre is so popular right now, and colours can be …
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25 Responses to “Beautiful Ombre Push Pops! Make Layered Cake Shooters – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. Ronnie Hage says:

    A love this video

  2. candykris11 says:

    I went out and brought the exact same push pop containers. I’m gonna make
    these for my friend baby shower 

  3. Pearl Bassayin says:

    How do u make that star tip on the bag

  4. Yesenia Fernandez says:

    how do you eat it do you push it up

  5. Fausto Amaya says:

    i love push pops<3

  6. babitan1212 says:

    This is beautiful but for a Mom with two kids, PTO meetings, Garden Club
    meetings, Junior League meetings and Country Club summer events its almost
    impossible for me to do this. But I shall try! Thanks.

  7. shesACE says:

    Can’t you use the part that pushes the pop UP to help you push the cake
    discs IN?

  8. ailika357 says:

    Love, Love all your tutorials! Thank you

  9. Esther Tan says:

    how long can you keep them? can the frosting stay unrefrigerated? 

  10. Eunice Lee says:

    I want !!!

  11. Pearl Bassayin says:

    Next can u make cake pops plz

  12. GERRY JOSE says:

    Can you make a cake that is zebra print

  13. Mahamoud Hussein says:


  14. Ica Magistrado says:

    Can i use different frosting?

  15. Dawn2Dusk23 says:

    What size was your circle cutter? These are beautiful! 

  16. downunder diva says:

    Your tutorials are so comprehensive and easy to understand. The black and
    green ‘background’ contrast against the demonstration is perfect. Wonderful
    teaching videos. Thank you so much.

  17. Isabel Harrison says:

    Also,if you have a mini muffin pan, those fit PERFECTLY in those

  18. Alue says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely going to try this! :)

  19. Isabel Harrison says:

    well, the wilton ones anyways…

  20. Narissa Jacquet says:

    OMG! Are you an Aussie!

  21. Sophia A says:

    that looks so cool and yummy!!!

  22. Denisse Quirazco says:

    They sell them at walamart for like 6 dollars for 8 push pops

  23. Isabel Harrison says:

    Attention!!!! you do NOT need a polystyrene block or stand. push pops have
    there own stand. you take the lid of the push pop, and it should have a
    square gap in the middle, fix the stick into the gap, now stand it up!!

  24. Ferozmin Shah says:

    Can u use chocolate

  25. Charmekia Holt says:

    So delicious

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