Best Cake Pop Recipe & Tutorial!! – A Cupcake Addiction How To Make Cakepops Tutorial

Easy Delicious Cake Pop Recipe – We show you how to make cakepops, ready to dip and decorate! SUBSCRIBE for more great Recipes and Tutorials! In this tutoria…
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25 Responses to “Best Cake Pop Recipe & Tutorial!! – A Cupcake Addiction How To Make Cakepops Tutorial”

  1. margaret Fisher says:

    does it have to be buttercream frosting? Or can it be regular

  2. Susan Kang says:

    Just ordered my Jumbo cupcake mold from Amazon,,, can’t wait to get started

  3. Georgia Chamberlain says:

    Can u do a tutorial on how to make a rainbow cake pops from scratch

  4. ZHI EZE says:

    Best Cake Pop Recipe & Tutorial

    Tools & Equipment:

    1.5 cups buttercream frosting (or 1 cup ganache frosting)
    1 cooked cake, or 12 cooked cupcakes

    Link to our Buttercream Frosting Tutorial:…

  5. Susan Kang says:

    Cupcake addiction is my new television ,,I don’t even watch t.v anymore
    ..with 316 videos ,,, It;s educating and fun !!! Love this channel

  6. Karala77 says:

    I know you said there are no exact measurements here, but as a rough guide,
    can you please tell me how many cake balls were made out of your 12 cakes
    and 2cups frosting?

  7. lynsey carlin says:

    Great tutorials, thank you

  8. Gabriela Reyes says:

    I tried to my cake pops but they wouldn’t roll into a ball and They kept
    falling apart so I figure that the cake was to moist.. What could I have
    done instead? And does my cake need to be dry to make the cake pops?? Plz
    someone plz help me 

  9. Sloane Vanciel says:

    Would beating the cupcakes and icing work as well?

  10. Deena Al-Hilli says:

    I made these with normal sponge, using dark chocolate ganache and white
    chocolate and they were divine! Everyone loved them, thanks so much, cant
    wait to try your other stuff, will be starting on the chocolate mould next!
    The most time consuming part was the chocolate setting on the pop cake to
    get an even finish, but perhaps the chocolate was a little too hot! 

  11. mango peach says:


  12. acalyacaly says:

    It’s cute bacause the deers look like they’re watching the what she’s doing
    whole time lol

  13. Mays Ockeh says:

    I know that u showed ur face in the draw my life vid and other vids but y
    don’t u always show ur face?

  14. Mélanie Roussel says:

    Holly lolly pop!!!! This is a so nice idea!!!! I will make this receipe
    with my kids, they will absolutly love it!!!!!! OMG I just love your
    tutorials, I’ve made some batches of melting chocolate, I practice myself
    doing some cup cakes and icing before going to my first Wilton class in
    July!!! I’m so excited!!!

  15. shatakshi singh says:

    like, if u want to see Elise’s face.

  16. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Thank you PretyLilGeek, great to hear of another person starting their
    cakepop adventures! :-)

  17. TamifayeVI190 says:

    Love your vidoes!

  18. kittykat0132 says:

    i made these with a food processor and they were still lumpy :/

  19. Shanti Velasco says:

    chocolate cupcakes recipe!!

  20. PurpleLover781 says:


  21. CeCe S. says:


  22. fixmanfoxman says:

    way you dont want to show your face

  23. TheStephaniieeJayne says:

    ebay/amazon are good places to buy a decent quantty of lollypop sticks for
    not vast sums of money- or buy a big bag of lollies, eat them all and wash
    the sticks 😉

  24. sotocorderoa18 says:

    Hey after I refrigerate those cake pops I can make any shape I want? :)

  25. Janet Harper says:

    Hola, Iv just made 70 “yes” 70 cakepops, just needed to know how to make
    them look “yummy”. thanks you Jan Harper

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