Birthday Cake Ideas: How to Make a Flip Flop Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Ideas: How to Make a Flip Flop Birthday Cake Having a beach party or a summer birthday party? This flip flops cake is guaranteed to make everyb…
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25 Responses to “Birthday Cake Ideas: How to Make a Flip Flop Birthday Cake”

  1. Choe Baldonadi says:

    can you make a tree cake plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Sonia Williams says:

    love love love it

  3. Rithik Bagga says:

    So lovely!♥♡

  4. Yasmin Khanom says:

    I like all your cakes

  5. dalina huynh says:

    Can u please make more videos of cakes? Plzzzzzzz

  6. Vioet Lopes says:

    Can you please make a pretty bigger cake for Luau . The Flip flops are
    beautiful but to small for a birthday party. She wants like a beach palm
    trees luau girl etc fn this is for a soon to be 9 yrs old girl on Aug 16th
    2014, Thank you 

  7. Heyy itz Esther says:

    I tried this with my mom and she took gram crackers and broke up to little
    pieces and made it look like sand

  8. Hana Haddad says:

    I love this, I wondering have a birthday cake like this but with orange and
    yellow :) I think it’s AWESOME!

  9. teresa ayala says:

    she looks like shes wearing the pink ranger suit..haha

  10. Mary Bindzus says:


  11. Sirisha Bitra says:

    Can u make a car cake plzz…….

  12. Jeselyn Frias says:

    My birthday is dec.27 can u make a flip flop cake for me? Luv iris

  13. Rex Winter says:

    my sisters are going to love this

  14. kimberly yu says:

    I forgot i have an off set spatula too:)

  15. Bhaban Bhatta says:

    It was amazement and beautiful i wish i could also you know

  16. hamad alzaabi says:


  17. sreehari sreenivasan says:

    You’re cake is the Best cakes

  18. jolinakh says:

    Beautiful thank you

  19. Μαρία Κυλαδίτη says:

    how to make a flip flop birthday cake

  20. Yodalin Perez says:


  21. Amtul Hafsa says:

    My favorite pattern pink and purple together look so lovely just as I like
    it and just as I thougt

  22. Adil Shah says:


  23. Yuiza yuiza says:

    Are the flowers edible

  24. Yasmin Khanom says:

    I mean liv

  25. hamad alzaabi says:


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