Birthday Cake Kirigami Pop Up Card Tutorial | Free Pattern

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25 Responses to “Birthday Cake Kirigami Pop Up Card Tutorial | Free Pattern”

  1. Chandra Yudhaswara says:

    beautiful art

  2. Diana M says:

    Where do I get the pattern?

  3. Evangeline Dore says:

    i totally loved it! made it for my friends b-day with the help of your
    template(pattern) thank you very much and she was so amazed! thanks so
    much! for the pattern please click on the address under ” For more details
    please visit: ” 

  4. DazzlingSanaito says:

    Thanks for the help, I need to make one of those for my younger brother’s

  5. Krish Bachani says:

    thanks this is the best pop up gift card i have ever seen

  6. nguyễn trung tín hà says:

    cảm ơn nhá ….

  7. pooh honey says:

    Thank u soo much!!!

  8. Kathy Moore says:

    Wow, this is beautiful. I’m going to make this asap as my mom’s birthday is
    next week. thank you so much!

  9. Kristine Joy Diaz says:

    Where i can get the template?

  10. Romain Cooray says:

    Can you send me the pattern it looks awsam i lke it

  11. Gloria Sanchez says:

    that’s so awesome is so pretty

  12. Chuc milu says:

    i am manufacturer about 3d greeting cards and we only wholesale with min
    order is 300pcs. If you need pls contact me by email: or skype: hoalayon_02

  13. Bela Mardia says:

    hi, what will be the cost of this card if i order for it? thanks, bela

  14. Lisa Dipold says:

    Fantastic Video! I was going to copy it in any case

  15. Bhargavi Perumal says:

    thats brilliant

  16. Divya HIran says:

    if you want the pattern go to the link given below the vedio 

  17. maguieg says:

    but where is the pattern? I don’t see it

  18. thị huyền trang nguyễn says:


  19. Pat Posk says:

    fantastic…just fantastic

  20. Shellia Wibisono says:

    Im still confused bout when you cutted the pattern in the bow you said
    something like cut the what..and the next thing i knew is its already
    cutted how to cut it? Properly..

  21. ahnyoungg says:

    Such pretty hands ♡.♡

  22. ranjani varadpande says:

    very nice popup cake card! but my printer can not plot on card stock .had
    to trace from computer paper !Thanks

  23. Parveez Ballou says:

    That is soooo cool but so hard to make

  24. Nikolas Katsikhs says:

    eisai malakass

  25. Shokhsanam Jones says:

    Thank you very much for showing us how to make this BEAUTIFUL card! And
    Thank you for letting us to get the pattern for free! I am 16 and I love
    making homemade cards. I am glad that I found this video tutorial. I am
    going to be making this card for my niece’s birthday! She will be 5 this
    spring! Thanks =) And please keep making more videos. Warmly, Shokhsanam.

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