Birthday Pop Up Card: Square Cake Tutorial

Birthday Pop Up Card: Square Cake Tutorial The template and tutorial can be found at my website. This design can be used for other occasions such as weddin…
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13 Responses to “Birthday Pop Up Card: Square Cake Tutorial”

  1. creativepopupcards says:

    I use a Klic-N-Kut cutter. You can buy the machine online if you search for
    it on google. There are other machines that you can use to cut it out also.
    Or you if you are skilled enough, you can use an Xacto knife.

  2. creativepopupcards says:

    @AckerLou You can use 65lbs card stock, bristol or watercolor paper.

  3. Kevin Väät says:

    Thank you!!

  4. creativepopupcards says:

    @candyo2008 The reason for cutting the green backing is because the card
    will not fold flat. If you fold 2 pieces of card board together, the inside
    cardboard will move forward slightly. that’s enough to create ripples in
    the cardboard. it will not fold cleanly. The center crease can only be made
    in one paper. An alternative method for assembling the card would be to cut
    the cake out of the white cardboard, and gluing it down on one piece of
    green backing.

  5. karenpaukov says:

    its great!!

  6. mieyra lov arora says:

    nice!! tQ

  7. AckerLou says:

    wat paper do you use?


    Cool :)

  9. candyo2008 says:

    why don’t you just fold the green paper? Instead of cutting 2 separate

  10. candyo2008 says:

    @creativepopupcards Thank you for responding….your cards are all very
    cool. please keep posting! Thanks again for sharing!

  11. creativepopupcards says:

    If you email me your order number i can try to help you download it.

  12. L4t1nDr34m3R says:

    Thanks.. you´re amazing I love your cards *o*

  13. theunknownpieces says:

    you are a guy who did this card? IMPRESSIVE!

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