Cake Decorating : Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Ideas

When making a sweet 16 birthday cake, it can be fun to make a decorative topper that uses lollipop sticks and beaten egg white to bond fondant together. Disc…
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Today I made Mustache Candy Pops with my friend and camera guy Mike Schmidt! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, b…
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25 Responses to “Cake Decorating : Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Ideas”

  1. Jordan Bramwell says:

    will everyone leave the dinos alone

  2. Maryam Agahy says:

    i’m hungry now….

  3. Aylam Arbel says:

    did anyone else noticed the dinos. LOL

  4. Jackie Oakley says:

    You guys act like 12 year olds trying to be famous on youtube. , yet you
    actually have talent , but you should know that I don’t have any of these
    things , and suck at cooking . I’m done 

  5. Eric Sadler says:

    She really believes she’s famous doesn’t she. How much heroin did she have
    to do before she forgot she’s in her kitchen and the guy next is her camera
    man using the same camera he uses to spy on her

  6. Mariam Diallo says:

    I love it !

  7. sargent p Winkle says:

    The guy looks gay

  8. Ask Alto the Espeon says:

    your cameraman is named Mike Schmidt.

  9. Jessica Vilaysanh says:

    Hey, Jordan get a load of this!

  10. Sharon Budhram says:

    The chocolate gets hard really fast after you melt it how come ? what am i
    doing wrong

  11. WV SHORTIES says:

    End of the moustache photoshoot. HETALIA….

  12. Bri Wuvs U says:

    I’m not hating or anything but the intro kinda disgust me…..
    I still love you tho ❤️

  13. abby waddell says:

    diary of a wimpy kid cupcakes or cake

  14. patricia hu says:

    Piz I want angry bird

  15. Teria Tibbs says:

    Can you make a kitkat cake

  16. hazzly124 says:

    I mustache you a question, but i’ll shave it for later

  17. Marty May says:

    Dog poop cake plsssss :)


    Please be careful with the scenery , for those dinosaurs say much because
    many children see the videos , thanks.

  19. JinxAnimatia9902 says:


  20. Emily Nguyen says:

    You should do a Halloween/Christmas cupcakes

  21. Dee Reed says:

    At 5:00 the light green dinosaur’s mustache feel off.

  22. nightstar724 says:

    I MUSTACHE you a question!

    Nah, i’ll SHAVE it for later.

  23. noor al refae says:

    your hair is awesome

  24. Adu Venku says:

    make Eiffel Tower candy pops

  25. Kami smith says:

    Did any1 notice she spelled Moustache wrong? not be rude, but just pointing

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