Cake Pops Play-Doh Surprise Eggs Lalaloopsy Shopkins Hello Kitty Cars 2 Mickey Mouse Toys FluffyJet

Like & Subscribe to FluffyJet. Today we’re opening 7 Play-Doh Cake Pop Surprise Egg Toys including Play-Doh Lalaloopsy Doll Surprise Egg, Shopkins Surprise E…
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Having a Frozen themed party? See how easy it is to make these Disney Frozen Push Pop Favors! So simple to make and kids just love them! To find the products…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to “Cake Pops Play-Doh Surprise Eggs Lalaloopsy Shopkins Hello Kitty Cars 2 Mickey Mouse Toys FluffyJet”

  1. Toy Kingdom says:

    Millie Shake is really cute, I don’t have her yet.

  2. CaliforniaMetin says:

    very good video FJP….I like your video :)

  3. Vegetable Carvings says:

    Cake Pops Play-Doh Surprise Eggs Lalaloopsy Shopkins Hello Kitty Cars 2
    Mickey Mouse Toys FluffyJet

  4. CottonCandyCorner says:

    This is great lots of great surprises

  5. SRM Surprise says:

    Cool :-)

  6. FluffyJetProductions says:

    Play-Doh Cake Pops!
    THX 4 😎
    #playdoh #cakepops #lovehearts

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  8. ivana hrubsiova says:

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  10. thuy thuan says:
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  12. vuong le says:

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  14. james1981TW says:

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  16. mariama diallo says:

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  17. toys for Kids says:

    cool video for kids super)))

  18. man tan says:

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  24. Super Kids says:

    very nice work

  25. Nana Kullab says:
  26. Jose Torres says:

    How many minutes degrees is it when you put them in the oven

  27. mohd aswadi says:

    Push pop

  28. mohd aswadi says:


  29. 1981amillia says:

    I can’t wait to make these push pops for my daughters birthday. I would
    have to do a mermaid theme cause she is 12 and not into the movie Frozen.
    Do you think you could do a video for mermaid push pops? I have never made
    push pops but your technique was really easy to follow. Thank you :)

  30. PushPopContainers says:

    Great Video tutorial! Christy Marie. : )

  31. Conni Lopez says:

    I’m having a frozen themed party and this will be perfect

  32. Erika Quintana says:


  33. Julie W says:

    How do you transport/hold these at a party?They look awesome by the way and
    I really want to try them!

  34. Erika Quintana says:

    Thx and i love how you reply

  35. 1tehteh says:

    We’re did u get the push pop things please reply back 

  36. Erika Quintana says:

    Can you please do treats for birthdays that you can put in bags like
    mustache lollipops

  37. Erika Quintana says:

    So cute

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