Cake Pops using Sweetly Does It Cake Pop Mould

A step by step guide to make delicious cake pops using our Sweetly Does It Cake Pop Mould. For further information, please visit
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11 Responses to “Cake Pops using Sweetly Does It Cake Pop Mould”

  1. MrsN0NE says:

    Do you have to spray the mold or anything like that?

  2. Anikka Zen Tabin says:

    This video is so cute! And it by looking at it, cake pops seems to look

  3. Zenny Ismail says:

    Loved this video!!! Was really cute and helpful

  4. Sarah McKenzie says:

    Cool thank you for this video:)

  5. Jackie Negus says:

    Are you sure it is 3 eggs, as it is usually 4, 4 4 and 2 for cake mix, does
    it need to be wetter for cake pops?

  6. Cupxke Mocha says:

    Where you get the pinkies mould??

  7. Emma Jones says:

    Brilliant !! Best cake pop video on here!!!! 

  8. mia cooke says:

    this video really helped me as my moulds had holes in one side and the
    other videos i watched said to do it differently, thank you x

  9. Mary McCoy says:

    This video is so cute and helpful and must if taking a while. Thanks for
    sharing!! Xxx

  10. Syed Ali says:

    Hi. Jsjsgsgsjsg

  11. German Watches Korea says:

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