Cake Pops with Swirls

Quick Tutorial on how I decorate CakePops with a swirl and a leaf and vine design…hope you like! Yuki: Silicone …
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25 Responses to “Cake Pops with Swirls”

  1. Cassie Bee says:

    Thank you so much for this video!! I used your technique to decorate cake
    pops for a friend’s baby shower-and they came out great!!

  2. lindasch11 says:

    Great job!

  3. SARAH D says:

    I add Crisco :) that is the key!!

  4. jennjames71 says:

    Can you PLEASE make more videos showing how to pipe these swirls? Maybe
    shot over your shoulder in a POV kinda way??? I can’t find any other videos
    to watch and really need a bit of help. Thanks!

  5. MibbeCakes says:

    Great first vid!! you are such a pro at those swirls!! I would love to
    actually SEE the silicone bowls, and your melting process… your chocolate
    flows so beautifully!

  6. XxFilipinamamii101xX says:

    ok i thought so:)

  7. SARAH D says:

    I would say your are right, practice is key to really get the “feel” and
    yes you what a chocolate that flows so that you do not get “kinks” while
    piping… how long have you been making cake pops?

  8. Yuki Underwood says:

    Hello! I am Yuki from Creative Edibles By Yuki. Thank you so much for
    watching my Piping Tutorial video “Cake Pop Piping By Yuki”. I appreciate
    for the mention :) Great tutorial!

  9. SARAH D says:

    Hi aliyah010, I put the pops in styrofoams or cake pops stands… they
    would not flatten but the will not stand on the cake pop part either, if
    you put them on a platter they would just “lie” on the side :) I do not use
    icing, it is all chocolate… I am so glad you liked the vid, how long have
    you been making cake pops?

  10. SARAH D says:

    I do have to keep popping them back into the microwave if do a lot of pops

  11. XxFilipinamamii101xX says:

    what kind of frosting do you use to design the cake pop or is it chocolate??

  12. YTfancol says:

    They are lovely :-)

  13. saadia3877 says:

    These are great! Can you show how you make the wax paper piping bag? Also
    can you share detials if not a video on how you mixed your chocolate melt,
    details on the consistency. I tried to make these designs after watching
    yuki’s video but failed miserably.

  14. hayheyk says:

    can i use royal icing instead of chocolate ? thanks! this was really hlpful

  15. aliyah010 says:

    This is so nice. How do you present the cakepops like these that have
    swirls on a tray? Don’t they flatten? Also would love to know how you make
    the icing? Thanks for uploading the video :)

  16. SARAH D says:

    hi jennjames71, have you seen my other videos, the POV is much better :)

  17. SARAH D says:

    it is chocolate :)

  18. Ally Osterwisch says:

    how do you get the milk chocolate to be so smooth?

  19. SARAH D says:

    I have seen other decorate with royal icing once dipped… give it a try :)

  20. SARAH D says:

    Hi Victoria, I guess I have just been practicing for so long :) I just do
    them by hand. How long have you been making Cake Pops?

  21. chocolatecovgoodness says:

    I will, so sorry it has taken so long :)

  22. rocio luna says:

    Thanks so much for the tip, I do appreciate the only thing is that you are
    making them as you are doing it to yourself is sometimes hard to watch them
    from our perspective sorry!!….:( but I’m trying to catch it but it’s so
    hard to catch it the idea of the “S”…lol or maybe I’m so fool,lol

  23. saadia3877 says:

    This is great!! Can you show how you made your wax paper cone? and the
    consistency/details of your chocolate melt? I tried to make them when I
    first saw Yuki’s video but it didn’t turn out so great.

  24. YTfancol says:

    They are lovely :-)

  25. junyiwu0714 says:

    Thank you for the lovely video! I tried to pipe candy melt on cake pops
    before, but the candy melt hardened so quickly in the piping bag. Could you
    please give me some advice? Thank you! xxx

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