Cake Pops

Make 18 Cake Pops quickly and easily, ready to decorate and personalise for each celebration! Once baked, add your creative touch to these delicious, perfect…

baking with my new Babycakes cake pop machine. This is how I do it.

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  1. santanaA02 says:

    Is there a certain cake recipe I need for this?

  2. Falecia Milburn says:

    Where can I purchase the silicone baking mold?

  3. santanaA02 says:

    Is there a certain cake recipe I need for this?

  4. Daisy Jay says:

    @crazy4crafts Oh good! I went to your blog and tried to follow you. Idk if
    you see me on the Followers list now, but I hope I’m there! And I like your
    blog! I’m pretty young, so I could learn a lot from you (I sure need it
    right now).

  5. crazy4crafts says:

    @humannaturedj lol that’s GREAT! You’re one up on me bc I still haven’t
    injected anything into mine. what flavor betty crocker mix did you use? I
    usually use Duncan Heines & it’s SO GOOD hearing someone had good luck with
    a box mix bc I’ve had a few flops with certain brands & flavors. I’m glad
    you liked the video! I started a blog on look me up I’m the
    displaced northerner and I’d love to hear more about what works for you in
    the machines etc

  6. Amanda David says:

    Wonder if you can make Takoyaki with the machine? :) lol

  7. crazy4crafts says:

    I just find for me, they tend to burn if I don’t unplug. ALSO they start to
    cook the minute I refill so they don’t all finish cooking the same time so
    some end up dry while others slightly undercooked. I’m no pro this is just
    what works for me. & it’s not hard at all, I just wipe it out so no crumbs
    or debris end up in the next batch I’m making. Thanks for the comment !

  8. crazy4crafts says:

    I am not sure what the hand thing is you are talking about. are you talking
    about the silver metal prongy thing? that is just a fondue fork lol The
    machine also comes with a prong tool but I can’t remember if I used it in
    this video or not but I swear by my fondue fork tools. they are sturdy and
    work great

  9. crazy4crafts says:

    No it didn’t come w the pancake pen that was just something I had in my
    kitchen that I thought would work and I LOVE It. I heard you can use a
    baggie or even pastry bag too which I have never tried bc I just like my
    little pancake pen bottle lol thanks for the comments!

  10. nanais76 says:

    Great! Can you give me the recipe of your mix?

  11. MegaOtakugurl says:

    @xChildGlazex Thats what I was thinking c:

  12. lovebirdfriend18 says:

    what is your mixture made out of?

  13. smurfettepoet says:

    Can someone please tell me why min is only making half circles? I am going
    crazy over this! I haven’t ever gotten a good batch. HELP!

  14. crazy4crafts says:

    @perdantasterx aww thank you! I recently created a blog where I’ll post
    photos & more detailed explanations, tutorials & such so check it outon it’s under The Displaced Northerner

  15. crazy4crafts says:

    for use with this machine I only use the cake mix. when they cool I
    decorate the same way the other ones are made. this just helps me eliminate
    the time it would otherwise take to mix w frosting and roll them etc. I
    like making them w the machine a lot more

  16. Leiyah Elamadri says:

    Thanks a ton for posting this video. I’ve been thinking of buying this but
    wanted to see it in action beforehand. What sticks do you use? Thanks!

  17. crazy4crafts says:

    no it takes a lot of hit and miss and believe me I have wasted time and
    money finding out which work and which do not. I never use no name brands
    or generics bc they vary so much so I stick to Duncan Heines. I should buy
    stock now that I am reccommending them so frequently lol

  18. Lisa K says:

    when making the cake pop flower arrangement, how do you attach the
    artificial flowers to the cake pop? Do you leave the stick on?

  19. crazy4crafts says:

    @paconot What do you add to the cake batter to make it NOT turn out so
    doughy? do you use the Belgian and coverture chocolates just to dip into or
    add directly to your cake ball mixture after it’s baked?. Where do you
    purchase these types of chocolates.I still like the texture of the baked
    type made using this machine but if there is a way ot reduce that doughy
    texture of the crumble roll method I may just have to convert lol

  20. 89990000 says:

    It’s better if you used a pastry bag. Anyway I like this video and I hope
    you can approve my comment. Thanks.

  21. crazy4crafts says:

    @sousa323 Thanks :) The dog is sure a cutie.. he doesn’t like not being
    allowed into the kitchen whiel I’m making cakepops :) But we give him
    treats afterwards for obeying the “kitchen’s off limit zone” lol

  22. Della Xiong says:

    cool, i found a cake pop machine at target and it’s only $20, i was
    debating if i should get it or not but now that i see how easy it can be i
    want one.

  23. Kimberly Rivera says:

    omj (oh my jesus) my name is kimberly and my mom made me some for my

  24. crazy4crafts says:

    actually I have gotten much better and have gotten a total of 36 balls from
    the chocolate cake recipe found in the babycakes recipe booklet. I like the
    cake pop machine baked version and It comes w an injector which I have YET
    to use but I guess you could inject frosting instead of having to mix and
    mix and roll and roll just inject it in there instead. but that’s just my 2
    cents worth :)

  25. tigerrae116 says:

    your video helped me SO much. i got this for Christmas and read some bad
    reviews. i was a little scared i wouldn’t like the babycakes maker. the
    first time i used it i followed your video and my first batch came out
    great! thanks for posting.

  26. crazy4crafts says:

    @MzMuChi3 I have not usesed the injector yet bc I hear it leaves a large
    hole where you injected the filling & as you coat them in melted chocolate
    the filler leaks out. I’m going to try a fine tipped injector like you’d
    use injecting sauce into turkey .The other reason is I haen’t found any
    filler recipe I’d want to use. I’m still trying to find a devil dog cream
    filler that doesnt’ taste like marshmallow. let me know if YOU inject
    fillers & what tastes good etc! thanks :)

  27. crazy4crafts says:

    It depends on the recipe but generally normal cake like recipes take about
    4 minutes to fully bake. Blueberry balls take longer as do some other cake
    recipes just takes some experimenting

  28. crazy4crafts says:

    I use half a bag at a time of the melt WHEN I USE melts that is, it tends
    to clump too much so I switched to the candy bark coating. for that I use
    half a package, heat it up in a coffee microwave mug and just dip from that
    bc I like the ease of the handle and the smaller dipping area keeps it
    deeper and the balls don’t fall off the stick that way

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