CHRISTMAS CAKE POPS!! Easy CHRISTMAS PUDDING Cakepops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

CHRISTMAS CAKE POPS!! Easy CHRISTMAS PUDDING Cakepops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Decorate Easy Christmas Pudding CAKEPOPS for your friends and family this Christmas. Pair them with some of our great Christmas Cupcake Ideas for a truly stu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 When you’re feeling down, you can count on an adorable Hello Kitty Cake Pops to cheer you up! Because who can resist the cutest…

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50 Responses to “CHRISTMAS CAKE POPS!! Easy CHRISTMAS PUDDING Cakepops! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. JellyBean19087 says:

    Next can u make adventure time pops

  2. Halima Ali says:

    So it’s not cake it’s icing chocolate??

  3. PIRAU SUU says:


  4. Yasmin Khanom says:

    Nice jingle bells

  5. PeniMcD says:

    who gets to eat all these cakes lol

  6. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Easy Christmas Pudding Pops – Check out more Free Tutorials on our YouTube
    channel mycupcakeaddiction!

  7. neddie58 says:

    very cool

  8. jenfirelight says:

    Qustions. You say you use Crisco in your melted chocolate how do you keep t
    from sezing up. Do you have the Crisco in with the chocolate when you melt
    it. or add it n after. Also how do you melt your chocolate or candy melts.
    In the micawave or a dobble boiler on the stove. Also with the Crisco you
    use the stick like you can get butter and not the ole vershion right.

  9. Roosa Manson says:

    here were snowing all day 😀 where are you from?

  10. cookie cat says:

    Thanks for the awesome tutorials

  11. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    I just had a look / listen and its a great song! Well done :) Glad you’re
    enjoying our videos :)

  12. BabySugar1991 says:

    lol I love that pug picture

  13. lolliekimable says:

    please make a tutorial on those christmas tree cake pops!!! (:

  14. pinkystarfish80 says:

    Do you have a facebook account

  15. snowlilyeye says:

    These are cool tuts but i wished you had done something small for
    graduation! my grads this weekend ! o well!

  16. snowlilyeye says:

    Its ok !! i know you are very busy ! but i hope you will do one soon please
    ! I love all your vids =D !

  17. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Sure you can – this is just the basic idea but you can make it your own in
    any way you like :)

  18. so2ringfairy says:

    For dipping do you use dark chocolate ganache or just melted dark chocolate?

  19. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    You’re so welcome!! And thanks for watching :)

  20. Julie says:


  21. laaibahshahzad2004 says:

    Love this cakepop : And it is so good: Love it :-) :

  22. Larisa says:

    those are adooooorable

  23. Arachely Santana says:

    i agree please please please make a christmas tree cake pop tutorial :)

  24. CrazyRandomRebel says:

    I have such a problem keeping the stick in my cake balls! I dip the stick
    and let it set and they still come off. I will try the Crisco in the
    dipping chocolate, but do you have any other suggestions?

  25. Zoe Heriot says:

    Fantastic they look AMAZING!!!!!

  26. EzzyCreations says:

    Oh my god I love your voice ! It’s like those Discovery Channel or National
    Geographic voices haha !

  27. Meka Roquemore says:

    Annnnddd Where exactly did the red m&ms come in?

  28. Zoey Yates says:

    for all the hello kitty lovers

  29. shmeezy1 says:

    are you kidding me?

  30. Tag TagTag says:

    Nice! I cant wait for some more

  31. long nc says:

    Voted? up :)

  32. BeverleeCatto3132 says:

    dang I? dont think I ever would have thought of that. Thanks :3

  33. Gloria Ortiz says:

    Annoying ass voice

  34. Malavika Pillai says:

    Can u plèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make my
    little pony cake pops

  35. 27lenra says:

    thank you from africa!

  36. hardegolin says:

    Awesome…. Where do you get your inspiration?

  37. Anexmandra Vieira says:

    by the position of the bow, that would not be hello kitty but her sister
    mimi, sorry had to point it out

  38. Nix Nix says:

    cute video

  39. amber devaul-nute says:

    love hello kitty!!!

  40. jenlancia11 says:


  41. HorrorGeek9 says:

    Your voice is fine ignore the mean people.

  42. dancenation86 says:

    wow! that the video i have been in look for

  43. CaitlinIsANinja x says:

    Wrong side for the bow !!!!!!!!!!!

  44. bananasantana says:

    She’s talks like the people on news lmao omg

  45. kayceesomindless says:

    that voice is annoying . …

  46. JaniceKMohler says:

    I love you ur vids are amazing

  47. John Lin says:

    Hello kitty an ever favorite!

  48. o0bananarama0o says:

    ITS SO FUNNY!!!!!!

  49. Olivia Hernandez says:

    her bow is suppose to go on the right not the left

  50. tudorilie says:

    I have subscribed, cool video

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