Christmas Gift Ideas: Reindeer Cake Pops, Candy Cane Lollies – In The Kitchen With Kate

Today I’ll be sharing with you three great Christmas gift ideas I found on Pinterest. Reindeer Cake Pops, Candy Cane Lollies and Marshmallow Pops. These are …
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Easy Cooking Recipes For Kids: How to make a Choco Cake Pops (English)

Kids will love to eat Chocolate Cake Pops. Having a slumber party? nothing like making these mouth watering treats for your friends. All in a jiffy! Try this…

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19 Responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas: Reindeer Cake Pops, Candy Cane Lollies – In The Kitchen With Kate”

  1. Astharoshe says:

    I love the candy cane lollipops! Especially with how you used pink candy
    canes! They look so pretty! <3

  2. The School Cook says:

    Amazing! The lollipops are so clever and i’d never think to do that. The
    marshmallow pops are so simple but people would really love them and then
    the reindeer cake pops are so cute! Please make some more of these gift
    idea videos in the lead up to Christmas as this has to be my new favourite
    video of yours! 

  3. Shaheda Sadiq says:

    Wonderful xx always the best 

  4. Rachel Poku says:

    hi Kate, your Christmas video was wonderful. I was thinking about making
    the heart ♥ candy and was wondering where dud u get those clear plastic
    cello bags? Thankyou :) Rachel xx

  5. Jess McDonald says:

    Wow your amazing x 

  6. Rachel Deehan says:

    Wow definitely going to try these they look like the sort of thing I love
    to make and do!

  7. lawsonlover says:

    The lollipops are so cute

  8. stuffbyJas says:

    First! These look delicious!!

  9. InTheKitchenWithKate says:

    Here are some great gift ideas you can make in the kitchen this Christmas.

  10. Isabella 14 says:

    Wish there’s a candy cane here in Japan

  11. Snowy Winter Cafe says:

    Cute ideas! Thanks so much for sharing, Kate ^.^

  12. Smudge Production says:

    These would be great for a Christmas party. Alex

  13. Jack HD says:

    Kate zoella just used the candy cane recipe in her video

  14. Ella 〈3 C says:

    Wow they look great! Defiantly making these for my friends!

  15. Saw Shi Wen says:

    you deserve more subscriber

  16. laurensia dita says:

    next ginger man cookies! or other christmas food will be great

  17. Naghma Nafees says:

    Awesome recipes and ideas.. Just subbed!! You definitely deserve more

  18. Ella Duhaney says:

    This looks delicous kate xxx

  19. bigbanggdvip says:

    Kate nice haircut!

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