Colouring & Melting Chocolate for Perfect Cake Pops! By Cupcake Addiction

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25 Responses to “Colouring & Melting Chocolate for Perfect Cake Pops! By Cupcake Addiction”

  1. Bibi Carrasco says:

    Amazing! You should totally have a MyCupcakeAddiction Program! Where you
    give baking classes. You could make some money and have fun at the same
    time! You would totally be a success! Hope you see this and share your
    amazing talent!

  2. lizzie konnee says:

    Do you still use shortening for the chocolate?

  3. zhubenn says:

    omggggg, i absolutely hate the sound of metal scraping. that’s why whenever
    i use a metal bowl, i’ll be sure to use silicone/wooden utensil. or i’ll
    just use a ceramic bowl. the sound is really nasty. i dont think i can
    watch the rest of the video with sound on. i’ll have to mute it. even as im
    typing this i can feel my hair standing. wouldnt be able to catch her
    comments tho :(

  4. eliza masroor says:

    As soon as I put my food colouring in it all hardened. 

  5. xjackiex says:

    I use cooking oil to thin… I like it better than shortening which adds a
    weird texture and flavor…

  6. Kelly W. says:

    Regular food coloring will seize the chocolate right? Can the white candy
    melts take liquid food color or do we need to use gel? Thanks! LOVE LOVE
    your channel!!

  7. Abigail Isaacson says:

    so with the nestlie chocolates do you add shorting or not

  8. Shirnese Scott says:

    Will adding liquid flavoring to the candy melts or chocolate change the
    consistency of it?

  9. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Chocolate Basics 3! Melting and colouring your own chocolate! Part of our
    Foundations Series!

  10. Jisselle Rivas says:

    This is probably the most useful and helpful video ive ever seen on
    YouTube. Thanks!! 

  11. Jonita Brown-Simmons says:

    Thanks for the melting tips. i always had a problem with melting my
    chocolates. Just competed my first order of cake pops and they were a
    success with the exceptions of a few cracked ones. thanks again

  12. Jose Martinez says:


  13. Diego Molina says:

    cant we just put themin the microwave

  14. Marj Portacio says:

    I LOVE you!

  15. LynseyLoody1980 says:

    +MyCupcakeAddiction +Elise Strachan If using just normal white chocolate
    such as bars, chocolate buttons or chips do you need to add shortening? I’m
    gonna have to check out whether stores in UK sell shortening as I’d never
    heard of it before. Anyone know what it’s called here in the UK? Thanks
    Elise for another great video series. Xx

  16. paulie terrier says:

    You are so pretty!

  17. Carla-May Forsyth says:

    Thank you sooooooooo in the uk we don’t have candy melts so we
    have to dye is our self

  18. Samira Karaki says:

    Can we use the powder color for all chocolate ?? Thanks I love you and love
    your all recipes I’m from Morocco

  19. NorrisSwagg27 says:

    did you add shortening to the chocolate? i saw you added it to the candy
    melts but i didnt see you add it too the chocolate?

  20. Carly Ashcroft says:

    Hi Elise! I love your videos and have learned sooo much! I made your Minnie
    Mouse cake pops (and the peppa pig cupcakes) for my daughters 2nd birthday.
    I coloured white chocolate with the pink wiltons paste and it kind of
    separated it had a marbled look to it, while it was usable it wasn’t
    perfect. What did I do wrong?

  21. SuperDuperDanielle says:

    i love you!! you taught me everything i know. thank you so much for posting
    all your videos

  22. Raidy RooRoo says:

    the coloured chocolate looked like custard… lol

  23. PDDKittyCrew says:

    These three videos on cake-pop chocolate melting and coloring have been SO
    helpful! I’ve tried making and dipping cake pops before, but they ended up
    as a hot mess. I see this video and I’m like, “OMG, I’ve been doing it all
    wrong!” Thank you for these videos!
    Also, is it a good idea to use milk or dark chocolate for dipping for the
    color and/or taste?

  24. a Tomboy says:

    My chocolate always gets chunky and hard

  25. Albert Bay says:

    It would be very helpful to me if you made a Olaf (snowman from frozen cake
    pop) tutorial. I have a birthday party coming up and was asked to make some
    Olaf cake pops. Thanks !!!

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