Confetti Birthday Cake Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 796

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25 Responses to “Confetti Birthday Cake Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 796”

  1. Kylie Solomon says:

    I wonder what you do with your left overs. -.-

  2. Hannah Loves Disney says:

    My birthday is November 19 and I only like ice cream cakes yummmm

  3. Thomas B. Howard says:

    Now…this is my weakness. Gimme all a dat sweet, fat, white,

  4. FuDgEBuBbLeZ says:

    I find my sprinkles bleeding into the mix and losing their colour when I
    add them like that so I recommend mixing it in with some butter and then
    refrigerating it AND THEN stir it in at the very end. 

  5. SimpleAriana4 says:

    My birthday was on September and I turned 12! I just love watching Laura in
    the kitchen! My birthday cakes are usually a Neapolitan ice cream cake!
    It’s really delicious! 

  6. Sierra Ganotisi says:

    August 10 and it could be a confetti birthday cake 

  7. shaiema hamilton says:

    I was born on February 8 I would like a black forest cake

  8. DreamingInABigCity says:

    Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio made this recipe first. 

  9. Sam Mehta says:

    April 11th, I always had cookie cake! 

  10. Leif Valnick Satyawarman says:

    Well, my birthday is at January.
    And as far as I remember, I only got a birthday cake from my ex-badminton
    team (5 days after) in my 22nd birthday (which is this year).
    It was a chocolate cake.
    I did make a Tiramisu from your website on the day of my birthday (although
    to my poor cutting cake ability, it looks like a mess :P).
    So, I don’t know much and look forward for another version of your birthday
    cake. :3
    But I always imagine to have a Lemon Cake or Cake with Lemon Frosting
    Sounds terrific for me. :P

  11. Johnson Thomas says:

    My birthday is on July 31! I love this recipe! Thanks so much! I love to
    bake now! You inspire me! Thanks you again! I ❤️ U!!

  12. Dior Nguyen says:

    I made this cake with funfetii cake mix and I added some white and
    semisweet chocolate chips and it was delicious my whole family loved it it
    was like

  13. Michi K says:

    I will make this later today, but with dark chocolate filling and genache.
    It will be for my niece’s birthday which is in 2 days, and I hope it will
    turn out beautiful! Wish me luck :D

  14. Sara Maldonado says:

    well my birthday is october 7 and i really don’t like cakes 4 my day i
    prefer cupcakes and my favorite is chocolote cupcake with penut butter
    frosting and i can tell u my childhood cake because i am only 11 

  15. Mohyndra Brown says:

    my birthday is coming up i like velvet cake

  16. Laura Pires says:

    Nov.5 I’ve always had ice cream cake

  17. violist says:

    31st of July so it’s so close and my childhood cake is mixed berry cake
    with white frosting yummmyyyy

  18. Jasmine Hu says:

    Red velvet with cream cheese frosting also to to with whipped cream and

  19. Roya Shamsul says:

    LAURA! i dont know if u have already but u need to do a strawberry
    shortcake :) 

  20. Privacy 125 says:

    You should make a chocolate birthday cake! I would appreciate it!!! :D

  21. Mungroo Zohra says:

    your cake is amazing but you did not give precise amount of ingredients :/

    i’m having problem to know the exact amount!

  22. MissLalwen says:

    I wish more people would actually try out the recipe on comment on that…
    I will. My birthday is August 12th and I’m making this cake tomorrow for my

    Usually my favorite birthday cake is a marzipan cake with raspberry
    filling. Love it, but I want to try something different this year and your
    cake looked just so nice Laura, so colorful, so confetti cake it is. I hope
    it turns out as good as yours!

  23. Gameing Room set up says:

    I like to have a Montréal Canadiens hockey player team cake for my birthday
    so can you try to make that in June September 2009

  24. Cristina Rosales says:

    Pleasee make a chocolate mousse cake 

  25. homieblossom says:

    my birthday is in october, my fav cake growing up and still today my
    favorite is strawberry, love your recipe for it, another one of my
    favorites was orange cake, i love cakes with fruit flavors, YUM!

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