Cupcake CAKE POPS! Make a Cakepop that looks like a Cupcake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Super cute Cupcake Cakepops! Is it a Cupcake? Is it a Cake Pop? Its both! AND its a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup…
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Easy, girly cakepop and cupcake recipe!

Easy cupcake and cake pop recipe that’s great to make with children! (Kid friendly recipe) Keywords:valentine’s day, cupcakes, cakepops, pink, hearts, vanill…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Cupcake CAKE POPS! Make a Cakepop that looks like a Cupcake! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. Carol Braz says:

    BEEEEEEAUTIFUL! I’m in love with! <3

  2. Annaya Zapata says:

    Your video s or so amazing

  3. Angela Barreiro says:

    you know theirs a mold with the peanut butter shapes. that’s what I use for
    me cake pop cup cakes.

  4. Cindy Brandon says:


  5. Emma Keel says:

    Why not liquid colour to colour the white chocolate 

  6. catk1984 says:

    I found something similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for people in the
    UK they are called Icy Cups they are the same shape as Peanut butter cups
    and they come in multi coloured foils cases just like a cupcake!! x

  7. Hafsah Chaudhry says:

    Omg the stuff u came up with is amazing

  8. HannahLouisexo32 says:

    Can you make the cake pops the night before and decorate in the morning?,,

  9. Ashley Bernabe says:

    I love your nails

  10. Myfuzzbut says:

    I’m in OZ too…the candy melts you have to get from a specialty cake
    supply shop…My giant cup cake mold I got off ebay..I think it cost me
    about $10 free postage from China.It got here pretty quick..

  11. LittleGirlCooks says:

    Is that from bakerella

  12. MsBusyBee123 says:


  13. Emily Clark says:

    4:10 U SAID DO DO PHBTTT !!

  14. Hazeltriskatniss Grace says:

    Thos are so cute!!

  15. Iola cheng-thomas says:

    cute nail design

  16. amna thekatwa says:

    can you please do more rainbow stuff please ? :3

  17. Annie Cervantes de Rojas says:

    me encanta tu canal ojala fuera en español! :( haces cosas padrisimas.

  18. Dulcie Fleming says:

    Very cute.

  19. Faith Cumby says:

    This is so cool. Please don’t stop making cupcakes, cakes and cake-pops
    they look soo good.

  20. Brianna Alcala says:


  21. tiarnasaurus says:

    Look for speciality kitchen and cake shops in your area for the icing
    colours, you will be surprised where cake decorating things can be hidden!
    As for Reece’s, they are pretty widely found nowadays in candy shops, such
    as Candy Time if you have that where you live. Otherwise, buying online is
    always a good option and often cheaper than retail prices.

  22. jnetlife says:

    i want to eat your every video.

  23. hanna khan says:

    Aww so cute and I love ur accent

  24. Vallens Channel says:

    Please do more Minecraft stuff

  25. kissmyyeyelids says:

    I LOVE YOU! Youre brilliant!

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