DIY Cakepops: Top 5 Styles

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11 Responses to “DIY Cakepops: Top 5 Styles”

  1. NotYour Kelly says:

    Always love your videos!

  2. cyn1890 says:

    New video on 5 different Cake Pops! It’s a looong video so get a snack haha

  3. SeaofHearts2011 says:

    could you not roll out the dough, leaving it about 1″ thick and use cookie
    cutters for different shapes too? Just curious if anyone has tried that, I
    haven’t made these yet.

  4. Jay Lee says:

    LOVE THIS <333

  5. erica knopp says:

    This is awesome 

  6. Maisie J says:

    Love the Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty ones! Great video!!!!xxxxx

  7. Cindi Cisneros says:

    My kids will love these 

  8. LuzCarmen Avendano says:
  9. Lena Bou says:

    Thank you these look lovely. I have two simple questions. Cake mix and
    pre-made frosting are not widely used here in Ireland and I’m used to
    making my own. When you say frosting what type is it? Also once made how
    long can they keep for?Thanks again I really enjoy your videos. 

  10. Kim Horton Gale says:

    Love the colander idea

  11. TheKrystalstyles says:

    These are soooo cute!!! I am inspired to go make some! ❤️

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