Doraemon Cake Pops Recipe – Doraemon Cake. Doraemon Cake Pops! What’s blue, cute and have alot of things inside his pocket? Doraemon of course! Learn how to …

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32 Responses to “Doraemon Cake Pops Recipe”

  1. strawberryrolll says:

    would be extremely tedious, but definitely worth it.

  2. keithongc88 says:

    haha Doraemon should have a japan flag?

  3. bunnygrrl77 says:

    hee hee i love doraemon nice effort. Just need to make him smile abit wider.

  4. Lim Regina says:

    I luv doraemon

  5. Crazy from Kong says:

    hahaha, so cute!

  6. maddie591316 says:

    are you a singaporean? lol. ^-^

  7. OnTubeHero says:

    love this so cute! got flag somemore!

  8. Genevieve Rounds says:

    I LOVE PANDAS!!!!!!!!

  9. Macy Blake says:

    i am doing a secret santa this year and i was wondering if you could do
    tutorials on different animals or cute patterns for friends? i love your
    tutorials they are the best i have found on youtube!

  10. Rosalind Rowe says:

    Love the Panda Cake Pops!

  11. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    You sure can, the beauty of cupcakes is that they can be made from whatever
    you like the taste of and covered in whatever you wish! 😉 Be creative and
    see what you can come up with! Elise x

  12. katyas kraftkorner says:

    Make a my little pony cake pops

  13. alondra haro says:

    can you make a draw my life?

  14. EmanAshkanany99 says:

    Omg ! You sayed one direction .. Sorry but im crazy a bit :) xD

  15. Isabella McCormick says:

    how did you get the chocolate so smooth?

  16. Jaypat74 says:

    Your tutorials are so easy to understand, and yet another wonderful design.
    Well done!

  17. Mikaela Vargas says:

    So Cute!! I Love Pandas!! ♥.♥

  18. JULIA ANN PHILIP says:

    Plz can u make draw my life?

  19. brookelyn young says:

    its soo cute

  20. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Its 1pm when i release the videos in Australia. Amazing to think all around
    the world people are in different time zones! :-) Elise x

  21. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Your welcome Audrey!

  22. ThewerewolfgirlAJ says:

    one of the teachers in my school would love this vid right now she loves

  23. bakinggirl6 says:

    Wow this is so cute. I tried this and it worked amazing! Thank you and you
    gained another subscriber 😉

  24. monster munch says:

    Please make a meerkat cake

  25. Bittytwinmeepstudios says:

    Its so cute

  26. Audrey Sarpong says:

    Yayyyyy!! THANKYOU for the video!!

  27. Steph craft says:

    Can u make a draw my life

  28. Craig Corbeill says:

    So cute and adorable

  29. cberumen0601 says:

    She said “in ONE DIRECTION”!!!!

  30. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    A very nice compliment trinbagoindi, I work really hard at making my
    tutorials the as easy and achievable as possible. Thanks fro writing in.
    Elise x

  31. Terrell Washington says:

    Draw my life

  32. Abdullah khan says:

    Yes can’t w8 for the next video it is going to be great thanks !:)

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