Easter Cakepops! Make Easy Easter Egg Cake Pops — A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make these cute, easy Easter Egg cake pops, just in case you don’t have enough chocolate planned for this Easter :) Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to M…
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50 Responses to “Easter Cakepops! Make Easy Easter Egg Cake Pops — A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. Ashley dallas says:

    i love all of your videos

  2. Bayleigh Jensen says:

    Please make rainbow jelly shots for kids and adults please

  3. wwegirl123mt says:

    Love the bunny cake pop

  4. supergirl101rocks says:

    So cute and simple! Wow, such a great look and it’s not hard!

  5. Meliney says:


  6. irockyesido1 says:

    I love your creations, I tried making cake pops, unfortunately it was a
    disaster. The cake ball were to moist, while I was waiting for them to
    refrigerate on the sticks the melted candy melts harden, and to make it
    worse, when dipping them in the candy melt and covering them the stick came
    off! Don’t think I’m good at cake pop making! :O

  7. Amelia Brohier says:


  8. Naomi Haugh says:

    so adorable, especially the chicks.

  9. McKenna Kate Gaudio says:

    Your welcome

  10. Wallace Grover says:


  11. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Thanks ScarletCiara, We work really hard at trying to produce the best
    Cupcake, Cakepop and general decorating tutorials on YouTube. Which means
    long hours coming up with ideas, making them teachable and able to fit
    within 10-15min and then editing into something our fans will hopefully
    like! :-) Lucky i love every day i get to decorate and create! Thank you
    for writing in. Elise xx

  12. raquel massanet says:

    i watched the tutorial for the easter chicks cake pops and the easter egg
    cake pop. and in both you had an easter bunny with long ears in the stand,
    but you did not show how to make it.??? oh and they are beautiful, i like
    them, a lot.

  13. CatFishCrafts says:

    😉 :)

  14. burgers3000 says:

    Can you do a tutorial about the bunny too please? :)

  15. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Hi irockyesido, I too have had all of these happen and more! It is a little
    bit of an art to getting the best from your cake pops. Keep up the good
    work and they will improve, i promise! :-) Elise xx

  16. Amelia Brohier says:

    Hi I love my cupcake adiction it’s my fave you

  17. mylene barink says:

    You should not use dark cake else see that the chocolate back and then you
    have less of a feeling of oh look an Easter egg I myself would rather use
    white cake

  18. poissonCHA1 says:

    do you temper your chocolate so it doesnt melt while the cakepops are being
    displayed ? thank you ! love your tutorials ! <3

  19. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    It can be difficult Virali Modi! 😉

  20. MissAl3xandraxx says:

    Oh! I was waiting for this one to come out! Amazing!!

  21. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Thanks jackie sandoval, be sure to stay tuned! :-) Elise

  22. CatFishCrafts says:

    So cute, yet so very simple! I LOVE EM’ hehe :) :)

  23. misscookeatlove says:


  24. chubby bunny says:

    this is very pretty! btw I LOVE UR NAILS! WHAT BRAND AND COLOR? 😀

  25. McKenna Kate Gaudio says:


  26. Brizzy Beautiful says:

    Yu Jus Gave Me An Idea For My Boyfriends Bday :)
    He Loves Cake So Why Not !

  27. The_Howler says:

    +LuckyPennyShop.com the reason everyone loves you (myself included) is
    because of the charming innocence with which you play with children’s’ toy!
    I think at some level we all want to do what you do because we all want to
    be kids! you’re living the dream! love your vids!

  28. tracy chen says:

    You can use candy melts and can I get a cake pop?

  29. Anna Leaf says:

    your supposed to use candy melts

  30. Vanesa Torres says:

    Where do you think I can get this set please answer as fast as you can and
    also happy holidays

  31. kali patel says:

    Does it include the mix

  32. Jobanpreet singh says:

    Please make a recipe how did you make the cake but without eggs please i
    cant eat eggs

  33. Dark-videogamer says:

    I love how like excited you can be but you also calm down and speak so
    softly that it’s quite relaxing. I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of your
    vids. Keep up the good work! (I gotta stop watching these.. I keep getting
    hungry >w<)

  34. Star Estrella says:

    I might get it for Christmas yay ;)

  35. Angel Pham says:

    I wish u made angry bird cakepops with this set

  36. Natasha Borbolla says:

    Love your videos, very enthusiastic 

  37. Jadah Gillam says:

    U r a follower

  38. minh lee says:

    I want ice cream

  39. Ducky Lover says:

    Yum yum

  40. cheiw yeli says:

    is it painfull when u take out the thing

  41. Amelia Carbuccia says:


  42. Ruel-Ann Smith says:

    that’s disgusting!!!!!!!

  43. Jocie Ethier says:

    U r very good at that Dave!

  44. Isaac uzhca says:


  45. Cassi Callich says:

    I love cakepops

  46. MonieLue78 says:

    This looks the really simple for the kids!

  47. Zaria Gentry says:

    Thanks for making these videos, You actually helped me bribe my mom to get
    lots of these products especially this one, the first cakepop you made came
    out perfectly and looks so yummy! :)

  48. nguyen ngo says:

    Awsome for first time! I wish i as with you they look GREAT! Love it

  49. Jaqueling Macias says:

    Did you order this I need an awnser fast

  50. TheAbear31 says:

    Lol..This is cute you really seem to enjoy this process. Once you start
    making them you want to get better at decorating them.

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