Easy Cake Decorating Concepts

Basic Cake Decorating Suggestions

Cake decorating is not as tough as it looks. We appear at the elaborately decorated masterpieces and feel entirely intimidated. Here are a handful of simple ideas and hints to make your cake decorating undertaking a winner.

* Purchase readymade cakes, or make your cake from a mix. * Make certain you have a number of pastry bags, a coupler, a flower nail, and 6 icing suggestions- #824 huge open star, #23 little open star, #104 modest rose, #125 huge rose, and #109 and #129 drop flowers. * A turntable makes icing a cake considerably less complicated. A lazy susan will work. * Use decorations that are previously made- fresh flowers, silk flowers, ribbons, and fruit are some of the items you can use. * Always brush fresh fruit with a glaze to seal in moisture. * Use a decorative cake plate or platter to existing your cake. * Use Ganache icing.


one pound semi sweet chocolate, finely chopped 1 cup heavy cream or evaporated milk 1/4 cup sugar 4 tsp. unsalted butter

Area the chocolate in a bowl.

Combine cream, butter, and sugar in a pan, carry the mixture to a boil. Pour the mixture more than the chocolate, stirring gently right up until it is melted. Using royal or buttercream icing, ice the cake with a thin coating, and freeze for 15 minutes. Area a cooling rack on a cookie sheet. Make positive the icing is set, and location the cake on the cooling rack.

Rapidly pour the ganache in excess of the best of the cake and down the sides. You can use a spatula to smooth the surface if needed. The scorching ganache will melt the icing, so only smooth as essential. Tap the rack to eliminate any excess ganache, this can be refrigerated for later use. Chill the cake until set, eliminate to a serving platter.

Fruit Flan

You can choose to acquire a pre-made flan, or bake one particular oneself.

Slice your selection of assorted fruit and organize it on the cake surface in concentric circles. Coat with apricot glaze. Serve on a decorative cake plate or platter.

Apricot Glaze

12 oz. jar of apricot jam 2-3 tbsp. Water

Combine jam and water in a saucepan. Deliver substances to a boil. Strain glaze and preserve in the fridge until finally essential. Heat to brush on fruit.


Employing a pastry bag and the tip of your selection, you can produce a quantity of cake decorations, ranging from flowers to straightforward borders. Fundamental icing recipes can be located on the world wide web. Operate on a piece of waxed paper ahead of you apply any icing to a cake.

Edible Flowers

Apply icing to your cake Decorate the cake with piping if you need Distribute edible flowers in a decorative style

I hope that any, or all, of these tips will support you with your cake decorating tasks. My suggestion is to gather all of the ideas, tricks, and concepts you can locate and print them out. Place your assortment in a binder and the subsequent time you are obtaining a difficulty with your cake decorating project, you will have an answer at your fingertips.

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