Easy Roller Run-Through By Heavenly Cake Pops

Jennifer Cucci from Heavenly Cake Pops get’s down with the Easy Roller to answer all of your Easy. You can order the Easy Roller here – http://www.thecakedec…

Icing Cake Pops

Icing Cake Pops http://www.cookingwithanh.com/2011/12/mint-dark-chocolate-cake-pops-recipe.html http://anhcakes.blogspot.com/2011/12/cake-pops-and-cup-cakes-…

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38 Responses to “Easy Roller Run-Through By Heavenly Cake Pops”

  1. Adriana Candia says:

    How much is it? It doesn’t show on the link? Is it only for the UK or USA

  2. Ronda Hopes says:

    I am patiently waiting for mine. I ordered one this week! 

  3. jennifer Reeder says:

    Where do we buy them

  4. Hoyt Purser says:

    Where u buy the roller at?

  5. Cake Decoratingco says:

    We are receiving the Easy roller back in stock in around 3 weeks 😀 x

  6. Jeannie Sherwood says:

    Cake pops without icing. This could make me a fan. I cannot wait to try
    this and I also want the roller.

  7. jenna bowers says:

    I used my Easy roller for the first time today. I LOVE this. Well worth the

  8. Cake Decoratingco says:

    Hi you can purchase the rolled in the link above.

  9. Tube Fam says:

    I want one, but too expensive

  10. Lucy Vargas says:

    what blade do you use on your food processor to bind the cake into dough?

  11. robin weins says:

    I would love to have this!!!!

  12. Cake Decoratingco says:

    I understand, but if you are doing this for a living, it saves on time and
    money for staff etc x

  13. barrabusmaximus kilpatrick says:

    love the idea…BUT will it work with icing IN the cake? Want to buy one
    now but it says on the site that it cannot be returned if it has been used

  14. Heidi Simms says:

    What a lovely family video. You’ve definitely given me a new idea.

  15. Ryan Mickelwait says:

    you put the frosting on the stick then put it to freaz

  16. Jacinda Harper says:

    I LOVE your videos! If I made a video, it would be just like this. The
    children made me smile. This is a real life cake pop tutorial and I smiled
    the entire time. Thank you!
    I also can’t wait to try your cupcake tutorials! Breath taking work.

  17. Chloee Chinnery says:

    That’s not how you ice cake pops close but not close

  18. Anh Hoang says:

    I’m Vietnamese, but my husband is Filipino. :)

  19. jlfeli8e says:

    Love the little girl in the video….she makes it all the more interesting!

  20. Becky Adams says:

    How do you keep the pops from falling off the stick?? We use baked pops, as
    opposed to the crumble and form method, but they want to fall off the stick
    when we turn them upside down to ice. Any suggestions?

  21. Anh Hoang says:

    Thank you!

  22. Anh Hoang says:

    They are my favorite as well. :)

  23. Michelle Segade says:

    Thanks so much, Anh. I have my first cake pop order going out for a breast
    cancer event and I had NO idea how to make boobie pops. 😛 Very helpful

  24. Danielle P says:

    after making the cakepops, put in fridge for 2 hours before dipping

  25. lifeasacouponjunky says:

    so cute ! love this video !

  26. lala flores says:

    how do u get the chocolate tthat soft

  27. Anh Hoang says:

    :) It’s been so long since I posted this video. It’s amazing how fast kids

  28. TheAgentScarlet says:

    can hardly hear, over the TV and can hardly see past the thimb on the
    camera half the time and really not interested in hearing the arguing.

  29. Anh Hoang says:

    Yes, I absolutely agree. :) My husband just ordered a new camera, hopefully
    it will help with our video quality.

  30. Shirley Mossbrooks-Guy says:

    I am a mother and I think teaching them to try to be clean and not throw
    food on the floor is essential tools…. we are not raising animals….
    Nice Job guys….

  31. Aimee jo says:

    Hiya is using candy melts better than using white chocolate melted??? thank
    you from uk :) x

  32. Anh Hoang says:

    Oh, she definitely makes our life so interesting. :)

  33. CudalSilva says:

    not being mean but u need a better camera

  34. Anh Hoang says:

    @19steph83 Goodluck, I hope they come out nicely!

  35. afbattar says:


  36. Anh Hoang says:

    This will not work with the very soft cakes like angel food cake or other
    really spongy cake. You will need a cake that is more dense, perhaps a
    pound cake mix. Very soft cakes will just fall apart during the chocolate
    dipping process.

  37. 19steph83 says:

    Loved the video! Very cute. Also helps me a lot. I am trying to make cake
    pops. I hope they come out ok.

  38. nv says:

    aww cute color pops! and she sounds like my daughter “dont do that!” lol

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