Flappy Bird Cake Pops! Beat the Game, by EATING IT! Edible Gaming By Cupcake Addiction

Learn how to make these cute and super simple Flappy Bird Cake Pops. Flappy Bird may be gone, but surely a version 2 is on the way – there just HAS to be! In…

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25 Responses to “Flappy Bird Cake Pops! Beat the Game, by EATING IT! Edible Gaming By Cupcake Addiction”

  1. Tessa Netting says:


  2. Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

    This has to be easier than the game. Nice one. :)

  3. Kristen Cool says:

    Can you make a turtle or a doughnut cake pop?

  4. Charlie Chihuahua says:

    If you really want to play flappy bird you can download the splashy fish
    game on the App Store it’s the same as flappy bird except its a fish
    instead of a bird.Hope this helps

  5. ANGRY BAC0N says:

    Make Domo cake

  6. MythicalWolvez8463 says:

    you should do a wolf cake/cake pop/cupcake. as u can see I love wolves <- :)

  7. beth stonehouse says:

    berry from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 please!!!

  8. Kaitlin Warnier says:

    Loved it but I think that the eyes need to be bigger because it don’t look

  9. cweitz1978 says:

    Make splashy fish cake pops

  10. Kennedy Snyder says:

    I love your videos please do a jake and the never land pirates I think you
    will do great with them!!

  11. StephiiGlam .B says:

    This so cute can you please do some ballerina cupcakes and cake pops. :D

  12. MzKinkyCurl says:

    Love the tutorial. Circus or carnival cake pop/ cupcake or cake ideas
    please! Fun fetti cake recipe please

  13. Kimberly meza says:

    Very creative and cute!

  14. Sharmin Rahman says:

    I saw candy mealts today and I love flappy bird

  15. Amna Tariq says:

    Very cool thx so much for sharing this flappy bird cake pop video with

  16. Emma Manel says:

    They look adorable

  17. Melissa Shuler says:

    wwe or iron pants

  18. huda sufi says:

    Do a bunny 

  19. Haylea Williams-Crable says:

    My high score is 33

  20. apeydoo says:

    Amazing! I want to eat like 500 of these

  21. Jasmine Brehaut says:

    Pst the funfetty cake pop resserpie is the vanilla with funfetty in it. OK
    I love you byby!

  22. Heather Vail says:

    I agree with Kristen, can you please make a little turtle or a donut cake

  23. kendra moonias says:

    Make something adventure time!!!!

  24. Aline Oghli says:

    Thank You For The Tutorial, I Think It Might Look Better If You Outlined
    The Details Like The Actual Game

  25. niall quinn says:

    Do some harry potter

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