Frozen Cookie Pop Snowflake Wands how to by Pink Cake Princess

Frozen cake table ideas for your Frozen princess birthday party. See how to decorate these cute Frozen cookie pop snowflake wands for your little Elsa & Anna…

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23 Responses to “Frozen Cookie Pop Snowflake Wands how to by Pink Cake Princess”

  1. Sarah Le Moignan says:

    Wow. Amazing, Andrea. :) wish I’d seen these before Emma’s Disney party on
    Saturday. They’re so pretty. Xx

  2. Kristin Hayde says:

    U are creative can u make a mario cake

  3. R4hil.g4ming says:

    I think you are as talented as amber from sweetambs cookies

  4. noseimajnatalie says:

    I usually glue the fondant on the cookie with a little bit of water, is
    there a difference between doing this and placing it with the sugar syrup? 

  5. Aleyda Watson says:

    Hi I was wondering where you got the elsa doll in your ela cake tutorial???

  6. Olivia Knox says:


  7. sandra mcdonald says:

    Perfect as well to put into the take home party goody bags :) 

  8. Christa Rijsdijk says:

    Make al Anna from frozen cake. PLZ

  9. Susan Kang says:

    Love all your frozen theme treats

  10. Mahanoor K. says:


  11. Pink Cake Princess says:

    See how to decorate your cookie pops into Frozen Snowflake Cookie Wands for
    your Frozen princess party!

  12. dharmaraju roshini says:

    I really love your shows . Your very creative . Those cakes, lollipops, ice
    creams are very cute . Its amazing .

  13. Paula Prats says:

    just wondering how many days in advance you can make these and how to store
    them. thank you :) 

  14. Judy Nolasco says:

    Can u please give me the recipe of the cookie pop? I’m planning to do it on
    December I want to surprise my daughter on her 12th birthday..She love the
    frozen characters

  15. Julie Duong says:

    can we eat that blue stuff

  16. Thong Tran says:

    I love you Cake

  17. Neringa Zilinskaite says:

    Neringute 21


  18. keyla Zapata says:

    hey! I loved your snowflake cookie and I am a big, big,
    big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan of frozen too.

  19. vasopavlidou says:

    hi i made this receipe its very tasty but mine they shrunk after baking
    why?did i make something wromg?

  20. Zaleha Fatin Skaf says:

    What thing you use for that glue?is that a glue that you made?


  21. Camille Wright says:
  22. tabea mara says:

    Pls follow my instagram page bakedbytabea :)

  23. Stephanie Mittmann says:

    i don’t think kids just want to have a cookie covered in fondant they want
    to have frosting and sprinkles. 

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