Halloween Cake Pops | Halloween Recipe #9

Halloween cake pops! This video shows how to make mummies, eyeballs and alien cake pops. Full cake pop instructions at http://hilahcooking.com/how-to-make-ca…
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Festive Fall Cake Pop Recipes & Easy Decorating Ideas

http://tastycakepoprecipes.com/cake-pop-decorating-ideas/cake-pop-recipes-peanut-butter-chocolate-fall-decorative-colors/ Please subscribe to our channel as …

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25 Responses to “Halloween Cake Pops | Halloween Recipe #9”

  1. Molly Perocier says:

    What did you use to make the chocolate smoother??

  2. Priscilla Navarro says:

    I have used nutella instead of chocolate to make icing and it was delish!
    definititely try~

  3. ImSoCool2bOnYT says:

    We’re running out of fuckin fresh frosting dude…

  4. TheCoolKitchen says:

    very cute!

  5. edenbainbridge says:

    how cute! xoexo

  6. Drew Larison says:

    Under 100 club!

  7. M1ShM2 says:

    U post this video on my brothers birthday

  8. Hilah Cooking says:

    Yep, she’s got it down.

  9. Tabitha Klieforth says:


  10. Hilah Cooking says:

    Whoa. I’ll say YES!

  11. rickng70 says:

    nice but when I record I sound stupid

  12. rollercoaster24 says:

    Too cute!!

  13. da959 says:

    Wow!! I’ve never seen anything like this before. Hats off to your guest
    Hilah and to you for another really cool video. Gotta love Halloween!

  14. DEAD EXPLORER: Real Paranormal Videos says:

    Jessica is my wife. True story!

  15. Michael Gonzalez says:

    Yay I like learning new things with you Hilah 😀 They look super delish!

  16. Glenn Swafford says:

    a lot of work,must thank the host more often.

  17. Hilah Cooking says:

    Too true

  18. Eleni araya says:

    You actually made it seem easy, I heard it was a long process. Might try it

  19. TastyMemories says:

    Awesome! The cake pops I’ve tried were always too freakin sweet, but these
    seem just right! Super cute. Last weekend I tried cheesecake pops – so good!

  20. Hilah Cooking says:

    Thank you! I’ll tell her. :)

  21. TheRMartz12 says:

    can I have one

  22. ehab bashir says:

    You hosted this. On my best friends birthday

  23. anmoose says:

    This was fun, and thanks to Jessica for her expert fingers. I shy away from
    projects like this because I don’t have the patience, but I love watching
    someone else torturing themselves, and I’ll sure eat the Hell outa a
    plateful of them if you accidentally drop them in front of me.

  24. MrZooky123 says:


  25. mirandaloveschad says:

    :) very cute & festive

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