Halloween Cupcakes And Cake Pops

Halloween Cupcakes And Cake Pops

Visit http://decoratedcupcakeideas.com for all the instructions! – created at http://animoto.com Halloween cupcakes and cake pops including ghost cupcakes, s…
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17 Responses to “Halloween Cupcakes And Cake Pops”

  1. Decorated Cupcake Ideas says:

    @elizabeth33ify I have the full instructions on my site :) Go to
    decoratedcupcakeideas,com and look under the holiday cupcakes tab. You will
    see the drop down menu for Halloween Cupcakes. It’s in there with many
    others. I will message you the full link. Can’t do it on comments for some
    reason. Thanks for watching:)

  2. Decorated Cupcake Ideas says:

    @Raspberrychocolate1 Thanks!

  3. BakePops says:

    Love this video! We are going to use it on our Facebook page as ideas for
    decorating Halloween cake pops. Thanks! :)

  4. elizabeth33ify says:

    i love the spider one in 0.27 how do u make it ??????? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Decorated Cupcake Ideas says:

    @iran1206dj You take your cake pop mixture and really just mold it with
    your hands. I take a wooden skewer also for the pumpkin indents. Hope that
    helps! :)

  6. Decorated Cupcake Ideas says:

    @crazy4crafts Awesome! They are so much fun to create!

  7. Maidenfairy12 says:

    cheesey cake but great

  8. Decorated Cupcake Ideas says:

    @TheWeeChef Thank you so much for saying that!!!

  9. Nicole Schneider says:

    love the ghost cake pops!!!

  10. iran1206dj says:

    how do you make the pumpkin pop one?? it is soo cool.

  11. hpdragon723 says:

    Halloween is my favorite time in the year. And I do love the cake pops.
    Very nice video.

  12. hopbunny2579 says:

    i love the one at 0:19

  13. Decorated Cupcake Ideas says:

    @BakePops Very cool! I had a total blast making the video with the cool
    song in it.

  14. TheWeeChef says:

    love it !!! your videos ROCK, woman! i’m going to make these for the kids
    at our ymca!

  15. soccergirlforever12 says:

    hahaha i like it

  16. Species710 says:

    I love seeing these ideas. Thank you for the video.

  17. crazy4crafts says:

    omg! i luv HOW YOU DID THE PUMPKIN! I make mine with the cakepop machine ~
    I’ll have to try this to see if it works with it.

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