Hate your Babycakes Cake Pop Maker? Tricks to making them taste better!

How to make your baby cakes cake pops taste better. Tutorial.

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16 Responses to “Hate your Babycakes Cake Pop Maker? Tricks to making them taste better!”

  1. Charisse L says:

    re 1st method with a little trial and error you figure out the right amount
    to fill to get perfect circles Re candy bars GENIUS!!!!! can’t wait to try
    for my work holiday party thanks!

  2. Absetou Diakite says:

    The reason why the two sides didn’t come out the same is because you used a
    piping bag you could just use a regular ice cream scooper

  3. mangos yup says:

    It’s deformed because you need to fill up the whole half of that round
    mold, get educated

  4. La vaqa Beltrana says:

    You need to to fill it all the way so u can get a perfect ball…

  5. sinkingmilk says:

    you’re so dumb. they look like that because you’re not putting enough
    batter in.

  6. Loreth Lopez says:

    they look so good I want one so badly !! (;

  7. September Whisenant says:

    The reason one side is deformed is because your lid is shutting slightly
    off, in other words it isn’t shutting squarely over the wells below. So
    when the batter rises it is forced a little bit over to be able to rise
    into the well above. If you open and shut the lid a few times, preferably
    before you heat it, you will probably notice that your lid has a little bit
    of “wiggle” to it. So the trick is to learn to line the top and bottom up
    when you close the lid to eliminate causing “deformities”. I like the idea
    of adding candy and plan on trying it next time I make cake pops. 

  8. Sicia Ojeda says:

    Can we use something else other than candy melts at the end? 

  9. Jason Yanto says:

    badass like me lol

  10. mymyly08 says:

    Fag face

  11. PanOfCake says:

    You can use the deformed side to make traditional cake pops.

  12. 528pikachu491 says:

    Couldn’t you make them like takoyaki and turn them round whilst they cook
    to get them even all over?

  13. Emma Dunn says:

    You are a genius thank you

  14. yokomodrifter says:

    Henry’s valentine edition cake pops looked and probably tasted better…

  15. MrsCakealicious says:

    Your welcome :) thanks for watching!

  16. Jazz Cole says:

    I’m going to try this

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