Hello Kitty Cake Pops

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25 Responses to “Hello Kitty Cake Pops”

  1. Martha Mena says:

    is that choc. before the white u dip in and where do i find the sticks?

  2. alisha hemlani says:

    y did u DISABLE the ratings?I wanted to give this vid a THUMBS UP!

  3. Tracy Ho says:


  4. Koh Hs says:


  5. Bri18 says:

    Can you do more duck tapestuff

  6. Morgan Woodle says:

    These are so cute I love your videos

  7. Meka Roquemore says:
  8. Breann Salas says:

    Hey whre do you get the candy hearts at.?

  9. Taylor G says:


  10. Taylor G says:

    I don’t like hello kitty but it’s kind of cool

  11. tisha leong says:


  12. socrafty craft says:

    hi its zoe is your sister she is adorable hehhe

  13. 1012hammie says:

    heyy paperpastels um I was wondering if we could trade

  14. MadexFan says:

    i like hello kitty cake but it looks really cute you .

  15. laprime65 says:

    I think u should do a tutorial on holiday nails

  16. Kenzie :D says:

    im making these pops literly right now, im crumbling the cake but im not
    making hello kitty because I don’t have gel icing. this is fun!

  17. Naomi Lamont says:

    Thanks lol! (^_^)

  18. heartpll 82 says:

    Holiday Nails

  19. Tinkerbellex33 says:

    Why are the cake pops braun at 1:44 ?? is that chocolate ? :)

  20. chloe pagdanganan says:


  21. kelsey logue-struble says:


  22. TheMeizYouiz says:

    You shouldn’t put cake pops in a freezer for two hours, cause if the pop
    actually freezes on the inside, it’ll cause the cake and chocolate to crack

  23. craftycricket6 says:


  24. Yan Chow says:

    Omg!! I’m 10 and I am really inspired to do polymer clay charms because of
    you you Are a true inspiration to me. I love your channel ( i wanna make my
    own channel but I have to wait but my mom is letting me use her account now)

  25. arth13352ify says:

    so are u related to toniellison?

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