Henry’s Kitchen 5.5- How to Make Special Valentine’s Day Babycakes Cake Pops

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cake boobs, for my 18th birthday lol. Commercials are so misleading. xD.
Video Rating: 1 / 5

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27 Responses to “Henry’s Kitchen 5.5- How to Make Special Valentine’s Day Babycakes Cake Pops”

  1. fishbum3273 says:

    Nothing worse than cake build up on your balls. Bravo Henry. Bravo. 

  2. Karl Fredrickson says:

    Those cake pops look great, Henry! Nice choice of music with the Poulenc

  3. svengoolie007 says:

    It’s a shame that more people don’t know about Henry. His comedy is truly

  4. Lili D says:

    @April Frank I know that huge piece of shell…OMG LAUGHING! !!!

  5. redjameskidd says:

    I love the repeated advice to “put in fridge and work on glaze.”

  6. Kayla Manning says:

    LOL!!!!!!! HE JUST GOT BURNED!!!!!!!! LITERALLY!!!!!!!!

  7. April Frank says:

    Hahahah 0:43 -the shell in there gets me every time. 

  8. brad0021 says:

    Dude this shit is hilarious!! I’m sad I didn’t find these years ago. “As
    you can see they give you a pretty fucking short cord.” AHHHahahahah!!!

  9. bloodsling says:

    it’s the only thing I’ve seen him make that wasn’t a total train wreck

  10. Leah Palomino says:

    I died laughing when he burned his self

  11. Dominic and Lauren for life says:

    I got his social security number!! Yay

  12. Paul Rodriguez says:

    Wear a helmet. These videos are brilliant.

  13. Julian Spangler says:

    Valentines day??

  14. Denise Heredia says:

    My favorite episode<3

  15. Skjoldvall says:

    jose suicido’s “God help me”

    this song hit me right in the heart. 

  16. Myla Whetstone says:

    LOL!! He don’t know what to do cussin and going on! Burnt his self trying
    to get da thang open!! LOL

  17. ElAnonymouse says:

    Where’s the dog?!

  18. Patrick Molyneaux says:

    I just sad laughed myself.

  19. Jasmine says:

    You said a bad word

  20. Darren Lind says:

    these are so perfect! toaster oven precariously situated over dish rack,
    mail mounting up on the floor, dead upstairs lady’s dog…. i’m pretty
    sure this character is in the first soul crushing year of a divorce.

  21. Fredrik Andersson says:

    Yey Henry’s back!

    Henry’s Kitchen 5.5- How to Make Special Valentine’s Day Babycakes Cake Pops

  22. Lili D says:

    Laughing out loud for real!!!!

  23. Kayla Manning says:

    I know his social security number now!!!!! XD I have some fun

  24. Dominic and Lauren for life says:

    Let the cake poops cool

  25. Kayla Manning says:

    CAKE POOPS!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! XD I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!

  26. Amber Matthews says:

    you’re turning eighteen and laughing over something so immature? wow.

  27. EmeraldAngel523 says:

    *Shrugs* I’m 19 now, and I still find it pretty funny. It’s not really the
    “oh they look like boobs; boobs are funny” type of humor, it’s more of the
    “Why is my life filled these examples of perverted circumstances?
    *Facepalm*” humor. Because what are the chances of this happening? (I’ve
    asked, apparently others have Not gotten the same results).

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