Hot Dog Cakepops! Make cake pops that look like hot dogs! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

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25 Responses to “Hot Dog Cakepops! Make cake pops that look like hot dogs! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. TC Vicky says:

    That’s really cool but do the sesame taste good with all the sweet stuff?
    Also Im a beginner baker so can you do some more ‘easy’ recipes? Thanks

  2. Sophie Kiden says:

    i love what u do. i am a beginner baker so could u do something easy mode
    <3 <3

  3. karli martin says:


  4. karli martin says:


  5. karli martin says:

    <3 it but the bun is a little big

  6. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    You certainly could – or fruit roll up or some red taffy. anything you can
    make to look like a little sausage :)

  7. Sophie greenberg says:

    I love every thing that u make i made the pull apart football field cake
    for my cousin and he loved it

  8. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Anything red – some twirler, some red fondant, some red liquorice – pretty
    much anything red! With the mustard on top, the red stuff looks like a
    sausage no matter what you use :)

  9. MyCupcakeAddiction says:


  10. LuvLPS1234 says:

    You can make the sausage with red velvet cake and make a sausage shape and
    yeah :)

  11. jesscurt06 says:

    Hello mate throw a shrimp on the barbey

  12. Mya Star says:

    can u use fondant or modeling chocolate for the hot dog

  13. 2003pixie says:

    Football cake please

  14. Savannah Tho says:

    Whats your favorite flavor of cake,and you should make hamburger cake pops

  15. michelle he says:

    No ones talking?

  16. reganmcdaid says:

    I asked you what you look like you sound young

  17. Estefania 〈3 says:

    One direction cake

  18. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    I know – I love it! I will be doing some cute burger cupcakes soon :)

  19. reganmcdaid says:

    Good soooooooooooooo good great awsome

  20. MyCupcakeAddiction says:


  21. glacies cattus says:

    XD The meat is so tiny!

  22. cockerspanielowner says:

    a good idea is to mold the dough on the stick and make hot dogs from

  23. maisy Dean says:

    Ahhhhhh I want won y do u make them and not eat them

  24. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Just preference I guess. My chocolate cake pops sell better then my vanilla
    ones, so I guess I tend to make them more :)

  25. mandadays says:

    I love you!

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