Hot to Repair Drywall Wall Pops

Hot to Repair Drywall Wall Pops

Drywall pops are those annoying chips in the paint and plaster that appear on your wall, they are usually the size of a dime or quarter. They start as a irregular circle shaped crack or blemish and may completely pop off over time.

Common in newer homes and apartments, drywall pops are most usually nails, sometimes screws, that have shifted from just under the surface of the drywall and pops through the finish. Repairing the area is not hard, you can easily do it yourself in a four simple steps, using a few standard tools.

Tools that you will need:

Drywall Knife, screwdriver, screws, joint compound, sandpaper.

Step 1

The area of the wall will be obvious, the paint and joint compound will be push up by the nail head. Before repairing the pop, try and remove the nail. If you cannot get the nail out, then hammer it deeper into the wall.  If it is a screw tighten the screw so that the head of the screw is below the surface of the drywall.

Step 2

Using a drywall knife (available at any hardware store), carefully chip away all of the material that is not flush with the wall. Sand lightly over the area to clean it up.

Step 3

Drive one or two screws through the surface of the drywall to attach it to the studs underneath, position the screws directly under or above the pop that you just cleaned as that will assure you of hitting the studs. The head of the screw should be just below the surface of the drywall.  Do not use nails as they tend to work loose over time and will give you another drywall pop.

Step 4

Finish the surface with joint compound, and then sand when completely dry. 

So the next time you walk by that annoying blemish on your wall, try this simple repair to remove those drywall pops.

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