How To Dip Cake Pops

How To Dip Cake Pops

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25 Responses to “How To Dip Cake Pops”

  1. Jekyell & Heidi says:

    Are the cake pops completely cooled and how do you get them to stay on?

  2. strtthshw says:

    Same. It’s annoying

  3. hpdragon723 says:

    This is a very yummy treat!

  4. Sarah Fung says:

    ues candy coating it way faster and better

  5. Veronica Miller says:

    @DJsnoep It sounds like you used too much frosting in your cake ball
    mixture. Just add enough that the crumbs stick together. Start with 1/3 cup
    and add more from there. Also, it helps if they are cold. I’ve noticed that
    if I leave them out of the fridge while I’m dipping, by the time I get to
    the end they are starting to slip off the stick a bit because they’ve had
    time to come to room temperature.

  6. luv2craftcards says:

    I like that mug where did u buy that mug?

  7. Gretel Shrivnauth says:

    How can I make my chocolate dipping sauce out of chocolate chips? This is
    my first time making cake pops and I don’t want them not to turn out. I
    don’t have any candy melts — all I have is chocolate chips. So, do you
    know how I can make the dipping mixture out of chocolate chips? And How
    many cake pops can you get out of two boxes of cake mix? Thanks!

  8. iman6638 says:

    hi could u please tell me whats the name of that thing you have the
    chocolate in i know its to keep the chocolate melted but i need the name

  9. helenita05 says:

    I have a Crock Pot Little Dipper Pot, would that work????? PLEASE,

  10. marmus2901 says:

    I made several batches of cake pops and I did use both methods of dipping
    with melted chocolate, it was perfectly fine, none fell off from sticks. I
    think what the uploader said is true; you need to dip the stick with melted
    chocolate first before poke into balls, and you need to use less frosting
    so that your cake pop won’t be too soft, it won’t fell off. I usually
    combine the cake crumble with melted chocolate instead of frosting… it
    taste way better :) great video by the way 😉

  11. Veronica Miller says:

    @SupaYoda Walmart–$20. I think it is discontinued but the pro melter is
    just a little more.

  12. Marianela Valles says:

    Where can i get one of those chocolate melters???

  13. taitk808 says:

    thats actually the worst way to dip the cake pops. when i did it like that
    the cake part would always break off the stick. the best way to dip them is
    to shake the chocolate off by hitting your hand instead of hitting the

  14. PFizzlezgirlie says:

    Where did you buy the sticks?

  15. olivia Lincoln says:

    is that a crock pot or a fondue pot?

  16. Veronica Miller says:

    @ktlish9744 Yes, and also to remove the excess chocolate. If you just dip
    them and then put them in the foam board, the extra chocolate will drip off
    which makes the stick messy and the ball on top won’t look as pretty.

  17. Veronica Miller says:

    @Juicilyjuicy I can’t say for sure but I think that might cover about 25 of
    them. I’d buy two to make sure I had enough for a whole batch, which
    usually is around 45.

  18. Mairaylupe says:

    @vraklis yeah thats what i did i’ll try refrigerating them next time

  19. ktlish9744 says:

    Do you tap it to smooth the chocolate out?

  20. Veronica Miller says:

    Ganache wouldn’t dry hard so you’d have to make sure not to let them touch
    each other (ganache sets to the consistency of frosting so wherever they
    touch anything else, it will show. I bet it would be yummy though! You can
    also mix ganache into the cake instead of frosting.

  21. TimCurrysPubes says:

    Do semi-sweet chocolate chips work the same way, if heated with milk?

  22. Luiza19 says:

    Your balls look delicious!

  23. TheRicoFrico says:

    How to make the dipping cream ?

  24. jihahazman15 says:

    @sharee702 Try to melt it with one tablespoon of shortening or parraffin wax

  25. Veronica Miller says:

    @Prounounced Do you dip your sticks in chocolate before inserting them? If
    so, you may be using too much frosting in your cake mixture. I only use
    about 1/3 cup, as opposed to the whole container you see in many recipes.

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