How to make a Christmas Pudding Cake Pop

Are you looking for a super easy idea for gifts this Christmas? Or do you need last minute presents for the kids to give to their classmates? In this quick v…

I had a very relaxing vacation in Hawaii and I am back and ready to make more Youtube videos :) This recipe found in a Betty Crocker cupcake publication I fo…
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27 Responses to “How to make a Christmas Pudding Cake Pop”

  1. Halima Ali says:

    Ohhh this is so cute!!!! Can’t wait to try this out for my christmas
    party!! Thank you <3

  2. Helver zuniga says:


  3. Kirstine MG says:

    Like if you sing along in the intro every time you hear it

  4. Amore Wright says:

    I’ve been wondering i is candy melts like chocolate but an sorts of colors

  5. Evonyah Saint Juste says:

    They SO cute

  6. karina bowden says:

    i’m making this for my class

  7. Littlelovelycharms says:

    Ooh I made these last summer… You can guess what happened…. I messed
    them up. Well, at least they tasted good.
    anyways, you’re really talented, you make it look easy :P

  8. Romeo Trudeau says:

    cod ghosts

  9. Celeste Soto says:

    We’re I live I can only find the candy melts at michaels i live in Texas

  10. Bhawya Sankar says:

    Watermelon Cake Pops :)

  11. TheAceHF says:

    “The size is up to you.” …GIANT WATERMELON. Bl

  12. yoyomax12 - the diet free zone says:

    You just need to make sure the white is chilled and you are good to go.

  13. Anwaar Abdelrahman says:


  14. Krystal Ann says:

    I think I’m going to add white chocolate chips too for the seeds

  15. Amber liddell says:

    but that’s what tutorials are made for…aren’t they?

  16. smilingParadox Stuff says:

    ffffffuuuu I’m so jealous! I wish I could cook like you! You have good
    recipes and I always wanted to cook!

  17. Emma Lyons says:


  18. mimi fofo says:

    يميي واللله شكلو لزيز

  19. Catherine Flory says:

    without melting the cholate chips

  20. TheKingOfMinecraft says:

    That looks like a watermelon but not the outside i want to eat it love abusa

  21. henessylove says:

    I liket it

  22. genia4561 says:

    Then it’ll be harder to put the Dectorations on,

  23. Izzy Gomez says:

    It’s better with cream cheese instead of frosting

  24. Lilia Welsh says:

    I really wanna see you eat them ^_^

  25. maryloue harton says:

    can you just be my mom

  26. Anna Marie Sharlow says:

    I enjoy watching your videos on youtube :)

  27. Catherine Flory says:

    i have a question um can you put cholate chips in a baby cakes cake pop

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