How to make a Disney Frozen Elsa Cake – tutorial

How to make a Disney Frozen Elsa Cake - tutorial

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10 Responses to “How to make a Disney Frozen Elsa Cake – tutorial”

  1. sonia markov says:

    At leasr she made a cake it was proboly her first time making it be happy
    guys :) and cool cake disney cakes :)

  2. Zaki Mohamed says:

    i don,t like

  3. Hazera Rahman says:

    I like the eye that is on the write but the one one the left is crooked
    there would be more likes if the left eye wasnt crooked

  4. christy wong says:

    Try to practise plz

  5. Hazera Rahman says:

    Elsa has big eyes lol

  6. dana garrick says:


  7. Kendal Halsey says:

    Her eyes are crooked 

  8. Kendal Halsey says:

    And ugly

  9. Disney Cakes says:
  10. sonia markov says:

    * least

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