How to make a pop up Birthday greeting card

How to make a  pop up Birthday greeting card

How to make a pop up Birthday greeting card.
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Hi everyone. its Dr. J here. I have a huge confession for you guys. I am sooooo embarassed. I have been addicted to Starbucks Birthday Cakepop!!!! It started…
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33 Responses to “How to make a pop up Birthday greeting card”

  1. Tanya Sherugar says:


  2. Grace Parker says:

    That is so cool! I want to do something like that!

  3. lena mcleod says:

    This don’t work

  4. sana asif ahmed says:

    Are you an indian

  5. Rehan Khan says:

    v wellllllllllllllll

  6. zunaid ahmed says:

    Thank you so much for giving me this idea!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anushka Ragbir says:

    Perfect for my buff KIA its her bday

  8. samia javed says:

    very amazing card i really like it :)

  9. Javakar Banu says:


  10. Janki Shah says:

    Nice idea like it :) thank you

  11. Jonathan Arguelles says:

    Thank you so much

  12. ganeshkumar dhamodharaswamy says:

    OsUm 1.. But u can try with a4 sheet if u dont get pop up..

  13. quy le says:


  14. Rehan Khan says:

    very welll

  15. maha khazi says:

    This is really nice and easy for my bff’s bday

  16. Muqadas Khan says:

    God job it helped me so much

  17. Andrews Freddy says:

    very nice

  18. Waseem Dabbas says:

    Good idea

  19. snook1100 says:

    B dr gsi

  20. bonnie situ says:


  21. bonnie situ says:


  22. Nadar Bala says:

    good idea i really liked it nice work

  23. Ashley Shelton says:

    thanks sooo much! it really helped a lot I didn’t know what to make for my
    old baby sitter you really helped me thank you it is sooooo easy!

  24. selva raj says:

    thank you

  25. Martha Nicole says:

    wow thats amazing!!!

  26. Muld Houghn says:

    Are you Japanese Dr. J?

  27. Mabel Munoz says:

    Your not alone!!!!!!!! O:-)

  28. CraveOcean says:

    omg you’re not alone

  29. DrJScofield says:

    omg thank u for letting me know…i thought i was alone and mental :)

  30. Muld Houghn says:


  31. DrJScofield says:

    Thank God!!!!! 😉

  32. DrJScofield says:

    No, I am not Japanese. I am a mixed of English/Siberian/Chinese/Mongolian!
    :) thank you for watching my videos

  33. DrJScofield says:

    thank you :)

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