How to make / bake a Despicable Me Minion cake step by step tutorial ~ Part 1

Use this step by step guide to learn how to make / bake two Despicable Me Minion Cakes – a one eyed minion and a two eyed minion. Despicable Me 2 3D Minion b…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sponge. Icing. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. What more could Food Tube want for our first birthday. Thanks guys – you shouldn’t have! Like Bacon? Then Check out Epic …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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36 Responses to “How to make / bake a Despicable Me Minion cake step by step tutorial ~ Part 1”

  1. 40bootneck says:

    Amazing job I just want to ask a question, I only want to make the one eyed
    minion so I’m guessing the ingredient mix is enough to make 2 6inch cakes?
    So I would need to make the mix up 3 times over still? Thank you 

  2. Cinthia Martinez says:

    omg its nice. i love despicable me, and my nephews do too, i want to make
    them this cake but it looks like a lot of work. how much fondant of each
    color did you use?

  3. Sara Joyce says:

    Wonderful video :)
    How deep are the tins you are using?

  4. fabiola mocelin says:


  5. Bruno Cecile says:

    Really the best minion cake of all I’ve seen so far…
    do you made a video how to make the ganache?

  6. Maddy Jeffery says:

    your apron really confused me :’)

  7. Michelle Peterson says:

    Wonderfully done Video and Cakes! do you have a website that has the actual
    recipe listed for this project by chance?
    Thank you so much! My three year old grandson will love it!

  8. Jaqueline da silva barbosa says:


  9. lea baker says:

    Hi Lise Fantastic cake, please advise how long would this stay fresh for
    if done earlier for a party? Also could not find your ganache recipe?

  10. footeloose69 says:

    #minion #minioncake #despicableme2 #despicableme 

  11. footeloose69 says:
  12. Christian Nolte says:

    I simply cannot believe that this gets posted on Jamies official channel,
    because In my opinion this is against everything Jamie is working
    against… Sad :/

  13. reham arora says:

    cool video Jamie

  14. Lam-Thomas Doan Tung says:

    He ate the Bacon hahahahaha

  15. Rainbow Gardens says:

    Funny stuff!

  16. Jetra Virsai says:

    Happy Birthday Food Tube! Wish you many more years of good cooking.

  17. Up North Outdoor Madness says:

    Thats great!

  18. Patrick Mens says:

    Great XD 

  19. JAsparklefret7 says:

    I’ve waited for this. ahhaaa!!! hope you’ll do a collab with them Jamie.

  20. mrfalafl says:

    VHS tape = automatic like from me

  21. Ned Kelly says:

    ha ha ha funny stuff 

  22. kyösti kallio says:


  23. Fernanda Palmieri says:

    Putting a big Mac was the funniest thing! Jamie would never eat it!

  24. Spysonic10 says:

    Lol this was posted on my Birthday

  25. eveplayer12 says:


  26. choney303 says:

    Hahahahahaha just send it in the mail all crushed and shit
    ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha t

  27. ososuperpowers says:

    I would honestly say this is one of his worst ever. Just being honest.
    I guess it can always be a difference of opinion on subject. 

  28. Algerro Martin Reyes says:

    Epic Meal Time food members gave Jamie Oliver and DJ BBQ a dirty birthday
    cake. That’s bad to be fools. That’s wrong. Epic Meal Time food members,
    bastard. Not Jamie Oliver and his crew, FoodTube members. Holy hell.

  29. alexey lobov says:

    it’s cool and funny huh!)))

  30. Lupin Maru says:

    great job.

  31. Mrmoneyforfun says:


  32. Edson Ribeiro says:


  33. Elton Menezes says:

    Wow :)

  34. TTrevolverheldTT says:

    haha :D

  35. nutdog999 says:

    2nd woohoo

  36. Ricardo Moreno says:

    Cool stuff

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