How To Make Baked Cake Pops: RAINBOW Edition

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25 Responses to “How To Make Baked Cake Pops: RAINBOW Edition”

  1. Mollie-Mae Shilston says:

    I’ve been looking for a rainbow, cooked cake pop and now I found it!!!
    Thanks x

  2. elvira brittenum says:

    I hate that video

  3. aburcu bur says:

    Rainbow Cake pops :) creative !

  4. jessica vantassel says:

    Thank you

  5. Cakeb0t says:

    lol Oh man, they do! I definitely have google on the brain!!

  6. Zarr Zar says:

    i have a pink one machine

  7. ann3tt says:

    I loved the editing of this video, so cute to watch

  8. MinnieWookie says:

    Is there any place i can buy the machine ? (:

  9. Cakeb0t says:

    thanks jeffery!!!!

  10. pixiecupcake75 says:

    Hail to my new fav baker!! Love love your ideas and tutorials. Keep up the
    amazing job.

  11. Cakeb0t says:

    You must secure the ball on the stick with candy melts. If you’re using
    traditional pops, the cake ball might be too heavy; try less frosting!
    Don’t dip too far, bc the weight of the melts might drag the pop down.
    Also, tap the stick on your finger or tap on the wrist holding the pop.

  12. kelsey mitchell says:

    What is the name of the song

  13. Judo Mom says:

    Your videos are so well done. And I recommend the ebook to all! Luv baked
    cake pops. So much yummier than the frosting ones….

  14. Cakeb0t says:

    It’s the recipe that came with the machine… Some machines are not
    actually built to make perfectly round spheres, I had one that made almost
    fortune cookie ones. If you are very careful, you can try putting a weight
    on top of the machine… do at your own risk! And please don’t use
    something that will melt. :) I also have a few tricks in my ebook. ^__^

  15. Jeffery Green says:

    Well done, I can’t wait to give it a try.

  16. DallasFiveTwo says:

    Fantabulous!!!! I make cake pops, but I hadn’t done this one yet. I love
    your videos!

  17. Cakeb0t says:


  18. jessica vantassel says:

    And I would love this machine

  19. Cakeb0t says:

    thank you! ^__^

  20. Lokeah says:

    I love this! 😀

  21. L Summers says:

    Where can I buy this pan?

  22. Susan Cabezas says:

    I just showed this video to Ricky and he said “ooooohhh!” when he saw the
    sparkly cake pops! and then at the end he waved bye lol

  23. Cakeb0t says:

    <3 <3 thanks!

  24. Cakeb0t says:


  25. Cakeb0t says:

    ^_____^ That was my inspiration for this video! Thanks for noticing!! <3

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