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25 Responses to “HOW TO MAKE CAKE POPS!”

  1. KeyonaBBaby says:

    Definitely going to make these for Malaya’s third birthday. :ad 

  2. HannahNoelle2158 says:

    Vanessa, at what point do you put on the sprinkles?

  3. Alyssa Mata says:

    There’s colored candy melts so you don’t have to use food coloring

  4. Alyssa Aceves says:

    Chocolate was too thick, next time add shortening to make it a little
    runnier! :p

  5. bellacomalaflor says:

    I think you did a very good job and they came out so pretty, thank you for
    letting us know about the colored dye a while ago because I am making first
    birthday cookies and I needed dye

  6. Farasha Fable says:

    Lovely :)

  7. Brittany23 says:

    How i get cake pops? I go to the store and buy them lol. These were so cute
    but no way am i that patient. 

  8. Bethany Hilton says:

    A good tip is to dip the stick in the cake pop before you but it in the
    fridge for the first time, the chocolate on the stock will harden and give
    it a firmer hold for dipping

  9. April&Ayden says:

    these are cool! We don’t have such things in the UK but I so want to try
    them out!! thanks for sharing! xx

  10. Drina Carl says:

    You make this look so easy! I tried to make blue/green Seahawks cake pops
    on Superbowl Sunday and failed miserably!! My cake fell off my stick, my
    chocolate hardened before I could finish dipping, and I didn’t cut the
    crust off of my cake, so they literally fell apart! YUCK!
    Thanks for this video, I think I’ve figured out what I did wrong! :)

  11. rocksan2007 says:

    You can remelt the chocolate

  12. Vicky Myers says:

    this was fab

  13. hailandbaby says:

    I made these for Bella’s birthday! I love them!!

  14. LetsMakeAnOhmJen says:

    I find the best way to melt chocolate so you definitely don’t burn it is to
    get a pan of water and place a bowl in that, which is big enough so it
    doesn’t quite touch the water but sort of balances above it, and put the
    chocolate in there :)

  15. MeganxMayhem1 says:

    These look so yummy

  16. DearDiaryTV says:

    my gosh those look SOOOO good!!!!! DEFENITELY making them!!!! >.<

  17. Dainora Cerapaite says:

    Love it and they look tasty going to try it

  18. NoelandBaby says:

    Excited to make these for my babies first birthday :-)

  19. AmeliaMiaMilly250913 says:

    Love it!

  20. plussizemommy2B says:

    you can put the cake in the freezer it cools it faster
    and use a double boiler for the chocolate (just a glass bowl on top of
    about 2 inches of boiling water) … it wont burn or harden as quickly
    … and thanks for the tip for dipping the stick first great idea

  21. Katelyn Mcintyre says:

    U have a fucked up voice

  22. Chanel Russell says:

    Loved it thanks so much for making this video I planned to do cake pops for
    Eli’s 2nd birthday in April and this video makes it so much easier to

  23. Jaime D says:

    Hi your awesome 

  24. Ang Tyler says:

    Loved this I’m gonna try this sometime soon thanku Vanessa :)

  25. Kama Kahu says:

    Feb 6 was my bday 

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