How to make Cake Pops

This video shows some of the steps we take to make cake pops at Pink Cake Box. In the video we demonstrate the process of dipping the cake ball sticks and ca…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check out my blog for more info, photos and tips: If you can’t find the supplies where you live, you can purchase them …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to “How to make Cake Pops”

  1. LittleMissOmega says:

    they look pro!

  2. LittleMissOmega says:

    nice cake pops!

  3. Angela Barton says:

    LOVE seeing you and your staff make this! What kind of chocolate do you
    use? Merkins or generic candy melts?

  4. heyjudesoaps says:

    You make it look fun and delicious!

  5. Pink Cake Box says:

    Thanks! :)

  6. Hope Cross says:

    Great job!

  7. Leanne Payne says:

    Stop saying you can’t eat ink because she said EDIBLE ink

  8. Hope Cross says:

    It is edible ink people lol duh

  9. NoisemakerArrow says:

    They’d look better with red bowties.

  10. vrinda patel says:

    U can’t eat ink!

  11. Faith Chan says:

    They are adorable, no offense but the video has a echo

  12. LolyLily345 says:

    Asses the penguins are soo cute bu I will not like to eat sharpie

  13. joniMac20 says:

    but how melt the candy melts

  14. PrincessPenguiner says:

    is that cotton ball stick things????

  15. Annie Trinh says:

    B hhvvc hhhj

  16. suny sanchez says:


  17. PockyFTW says:

    Omgggg you are sooo creative xD! Subscribed ^^

  18. Jjj Fx says:

    i loooooooooooove pengiuns

  19. Brooke Wooz says:

    Ok well good job very good

  20. TheNaylababy says:

    you have such beautiful skin… Maybe you should do skin care tutorial and
    tell us what you use for washing,masks,makeup things like that. I know in
    your genes you have amazing skin but you do have such a glow. Please do a
    beauty tutorial

  21. DessertDecorating says:

    @Aleo0311 Check your local cake decorating supply stores for the
    “AmeriColor Gourmet Writer” edible pens. Not all stores carry this brand,
    so you’ll have to shop around. DON’T buy the Wilton brand because it
    doesn’t work on candy melt at all! If there aren’t any stores in your area,
    try shopping online (like Amazon, for example); various sites sell these
    pens. I have a link on my website under “shop” for a link to the pens.

  22. omfgomfg17 says:

    Those are the cutest cake pops ever!!! Very time consuming though haha xD

  23. DessertDecorating says:

    @vansw123 You can store them in an airtight container for a few days.

  24. mandmbffs123 says:

    This is cute! 1 question though, where do u buy the pen? I guess I’ll use
    frosting, right?

  25. nooklynnsays says:

    this is great! i am getting ready to try this out for my boyfriends
    birthday- he loves penguins!

  26. DessertDecorating says:

    @MissRani420 I buy Candy Melt from Michaels craft store (you can also buy
    them from various websites, like Amazon). My Americolor edible pen was from
    Cake Mischief (online store). I’m so disappointed that I bought it because
    right after I bought it, one of the cake decorating shops started carrying
    them for a cheaper price! You can also buy edible pens from other online
    stores as well.

  27. Ale Bear says:

    i love it! ps were did you get the pen please respond

  28. SuperSuperchristine says:

    hi, can u tell me why my coating are breaking? for some reason its cracking
    before i even finish the rest of them :(

  29. Biaaq24 says:

    This is too cute!

  30. TheNaylababy says:

    instead of dog cupcakes ( which were soooo dang cute) will you do dog cake
    pops? you are so amazing with making hard cake pops and making it look
    easy. THANK YOU… I am going to try and make your Eskimo cake pops those
    were so cute..

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