How to make Cake Pops

In this 3rd episode of Lovely Lady Cakes TV, I show you how to make the “in-item” of 2011: the cake pops. Teaching you the step by step process of making and…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A quick tutorial showing you how to make Cake Pops. Don’t forget to add about 2 tsp. of Crisco to your Candy Melts and remember to leave any questions you ha…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “How to make Cake Pops”

  1. Hansa Soni says:

    I LUV U!

  2. leanna davis says:

    What is the difference between self rising flour and regular flour? Also
    can you use self rising flour instead of yeast to make your dough?

  3. carmen mendez says:

    i like carrot or strawberry:)

  4. Arianna J says:

    ok tv

  5. Arianna J says:

    ok lovely lady cakes

  6. Angie Styles says:

    Where did u get that big block of chocolate.??!?!?!

  7. Nathal Ahmed says:

    So nice personilaty. I really really like your video. Can i have the recipe
    for buttercream please i wanna make them for my baby birthday. Thank you

  8. MsEm0903 says:

    i wish i can cook with u and we can make cake pops and i also wish i can be
    in your video and cook with u!

  9. lovelyladycakes says:

    @gabriellarenee1122 add more cake sounds like to much frosting….good
    luck! xoxo

  10. Grace Kreze says:


  11. xRandax94 says:

    Do you need the styrofoam box? Just curious.

  12. Mimi Nguyen says:

    If I make these delicious cake pops, I would use lemon cake with raspberry
    frosting, and it will taste great!!!!!!!

  13. Domonation1216 says:

    where do u get the lollipop sicks?

  14. lovelyladycakes says:

    @littleabigail123 go on google and google cake decorating stores in your
    area I guarantee they have blocks of all colors of chocolate don’t be
    afraid to ask…or your local restaurant supply store…or Michael’s…good
    luck hunting!!

  15. Jewels R says:

    Is really nice idea and looks easy to do but, if you could please put
    prices for each item that you used to get an idea of how much I’d need to
    expend=)) thank you

  16. Morgan Madness says:

    we love cake pops! nice video.

  17. Butterfly102410 says:

    U are too cute! Luv the enthusiasm 😉

  18. SportclimbingROX says:


  19. chicitan3 says:

    Too smart! can u make some for a boys Beach birthday party!!???

  20. Fiza Ayyaz says:

    you can use dark or milk chocolate

  21. betty hernandez says:

    could you make it with white cakemix or just chocolate

  22. LyricsxSong says:

    I’m just a 11 year old and I love to bake! Thanks for the simple recipe,
    I’m gonna try it with my dad 😀

  23. Mariah Owens says:

    you are soo awsome this is the first video i watched and i loved it <3 now
    time to check out other vids…lol great job ur a pro!!!!

  24. momvioleta says:

    Little to messy. Other than that they are kinda cute.

  25. amelie lim says:

    where did u get your chocolate from?

  26. StrawberryFlower2009 says:

    I am just learning how to make these.I tried last night,but they seemed
    quite oily as I tried to shape them. And easily could break up. Going to
    have to practice I think! :)

  27. khloey malkovich says:

    Could I get the candy melt things at like Michaels or WalMart?

  28. Nicole TanSH says:

    Can I use vegetable oil to thin the candy melts instead?

  29. David S says:

    My daughter and I loved this video. We never realized ow simple it is to
    make cake pops. Thank you!

  30. kim tran says:

    loved this tutorial! best one I’ve seen :)

  31. XxOkishy Butt says:

    This is a life saver! 

  32. plymobil says:

    they look ok

  33. voguerevolution says:

    so even though it has the crisco in it. they still hardened ? 

  34. Lisa Kelsen says:

    Can you freeze these cake pops?

  35. Latirre Gillespie says:

    Great video.can u do a Mickey Mouse cake pop & Minnie Mouse one also 

  36. nioma033 says:

    yes Crisco is vegetable shortening.

  37. cakepopsrawesome7654 says:

    can u put the pops in the freezer 4 hal in hour? plz respond

  38. eric d says:

    Does the amount and type of icing you use have a big effect on the flavor
    of the pop?I was thinking of using a light-colored cake and light-colored
    icing to go with it for a pale pop.

  39. naima ahdid says:

    Hey my name is Naima, I have a question. if you’ve made the balls, you have
    to put them in the friezer or in the refrigerator????

  40. abida kausar says:

    Gr8 video. Gonna try it for the kids. :)

  41. Adriana Mendoza says:

    U look preety

  42. 209Snooki says:

    @monkey0985 where can i buy it ? and THANKS :D!!! <3

  43. amycat101 says:

    @kikiscustomcakes actually theyre really gross

  44. Chandra McClary says:

    How much of the candy melts did you use for the 2 tsp of crisco?

  45. jaaaailynn says:

    youre so pretty and you look like an older version of brooke from dance moms

  46. KimnHumi says:

    I use mascarpone to mix with my cake every time and it works just fine.
    Mascarpone has no flavour what makes that your cakepops won’t come out too
    sweet :) You can allways mix the mascarpone with any other flavour before
    you mix it with your cake, hope it’s helpfull!

  47. GlitterWebkinz101 says:

    can u use any cake recipe ?

  48. SynfulAngel666 says:

    Why do you have to add the shortening to the candy melts?

  49. kikiscustomcakes says:

    Those look so good! :)

  50. Ecarl67 Carl says:

    i have candy melts should i melt them in the double boiler because i don’t
    have no microwave.

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