How To Make Cake Pops

how to make dip and decorate cake pops  How To Cook That Ann Reardon

How to dip and decorate cake pops. For cake pop recipe and more ideas visit the blog:…
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41 Responses to “How To Make Cake Pops”

  1. Kathy P says:

    Awesome! I love your videos!

  2. Natalie Donaldson says:

    I liked this video thankx

  3. Joseph Palamar says:

    Great video Joseph. Simple enough to follow, I will try and make some.

  4. Douglas Price says:

    Wonderful and you explain things so easily!

  5. ella-jo freeman says:

    Those white chocolate are cald candy melts 😉

  6. Desserts101 says:

    Thank you ;]

  7. Desserts101 says:

    I am ! it’s just taking me more time to :) but sure I’ll probably always
    reply especially to your comments 😉

  8. TheCupCakeKid3136 says:

    Cool y rnt u answering comments anymore:-(

  9. Danielle Monaá says:

    you’re so talented

  10. Desserts101 says:

    Thanks 😉

  11. Iris Yip says:

    long time no talk! nice video!

  12. sakshi bhan says:

    You are wonderful!♥

  13. Desserts101 says:


  14. Desserts101 says:


  15. Desserts101 says:

    Thank you !

  16. Desserts101 says:

    I know !! Thanks 😉

  17. sally nicky says:

    is that edible beads

  18. Inna Barnabov says:

    How do you stay so thin while making all of this delicious desserts?

  19. bbbeautiful15 says:

    Hi Ann, just wondering what you use to thin out the candy melts before
    dipping the cake pops? Thanks

  20. Harry Akhila says:

    Can we make cakes with grilled ovens? Because I have one and it doesn’t
    seem going well

  21. Lainagail Greason says:

    picture intro!

  22. CHa cha says:

    whatt are you using to decorate swirls?cream,frosting or melted chocolate?

  23. Ben Drussel says:

    my wish is to play with you gise in yor fun land but i have minedcrafton
    the compyooter so text me

  24. Stacey Milochik says:

    Thank you for the tips! I have a heck of a time the first time I tried to
    make these and now I know why. :)

  25. eenna says:

    Hi, just wondering how long you can store these for? If I put them in the
    fridge (using milk chocolate) would it not go all white on the outside? Or
    is there a way to avoid this?

  26. Mike Sedin says:

    These look like fun to make!

  27. Anum Malik says:

    10 years old wanna know how to bake smile

  28. bakingmadeeazy says:

    What camera do you use?

  29. How To Cook That says:

    good name!

  30. aimeejo49 says:

    You can put the beads on your beautiful design

  31. Hu Jun Yi says:

    D: do we have to temper all these chocolate too?

  32. cottoncandydiva says:

    unless your mum was the one who 1st came up with the cake pop idea ever,
    your statement is unfair…it’s not an origainal idea and can’t be
    trademarked. It’s like saying to everyone who shows you how to make
    cupcakes “my mum has a cupcake business and you’re making it hard for her”
    sure cakepops haven’t been arround as long as cupcakes, but MANY people
    bake them at home! whether you like it or not

  33. ann4351 says:

    my name is Ann!! :D.btw I love the vid

  34. How To Cook That says:

    I have posted a video on how to melt real chocolate and keep it in temper,
    but not how to do the melts, added to the list of requests

  35. Kendrah Nolasco says:

    I Love Your Videos <333333

  36. paksanity911 says:

    How did you melt the white chocolate to make it flow so smoothly?

  37. How To Cook That says:

    thanks for your lovely comment kendrah : )

  38. elwynbrooks says:

    It’s really not her fault if she has knowledge she is willing to sell.
    While I do hope the best for your mother’s business, it’s important to note
    that she does not have a monopoly on cake or cake pops. Instead, she should
    be (and I assume she is) working on ways to make her products unique and
    worth purchasing. If you really want to be helpful, instead of running
    around bad-mouthing innocent people, you should be helping come up with
    new, marketable ideas. Good luck!

  39. Carley Brunner says:

    after making cake pops can u put them in the freezer/fridge for a day and
    take them to school the next day????

  40. loy831 says:

    love the video but wat type of cream can u use for these cake pops my soon
    is going to be 4 so its great idea fot the tabke iam houng to set up help

  41. meandyaya1 says:

    @IluvTaylorSwift11027 so no one show make these cause your mom has a cake
    pop business? Well, my kids enjoy making them too, so we will make tons, so
    we don’t have to spend loads of money ordering from a business :)

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