How To Make Cake Pops -Cake Pop Decorating – Melting Candy Melts Perfectly- Pt #6

How To Make Cake Pops -Cake Pop Decorating - Melting Candy Melts Perfectly- Pt #6 We are getting closer to having our cake pop ca…

HPDRAGON723: Cheesecake Pop Recipe. Cake Pops are the new cake and Cheesecake Pops are the new cheesecake. Cheesecake Pop Recipe, Cheesecake Recipe, Cherry C…

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15 Responses to “How To Make Cake Pops -Cake Pop Decorating – Melting Candy Melts Perfectly- Pt #6”

  1. tinkmika says:

    @hpdragon723 Right! Thank you very much! Me and my friends are going to
    make them for a school gala.

  2. shyamolla says:

    great job :DD you’re such a cool dad ;u; i wish my dad could be more like
    you. v.v

  3. tinkmika says:

    Looks nice! Was just wondering if the cheesecake pop melt ? Thanks!!

  4. nkr1695 says:

    I would love to c more baking videos! Awesome Job… I have a question
    though. Do u add the cherries before u bake it or at the half way point
    when its still Lose? Canned pie filling right? ok that was Thnx
    for sharing -Angie

  5. betsy burg says:

    they look awesome!!

  6. hpdragon723 says:

    Para la proxima te quedas un rato mas o nos avisas con tiempo para hacer
    los Cake Pops antes que visiten. Me dejan saber los sabores que quieran
    probar. Let me know the flavors you want to try when you guys come visit us
    at home. Ask the little one which flavor she would like to try too.

  7. hpdragon723 says:

    I add the cherries before baking it. And they are just regular canned
    cherries. Thanks for watching.

  8. erica1680 says:

    Super good, thank you for share!!

  9. Ezzyway1 says:

    Awesome :)

  10. Lola Lebron says:

    OmG! Nice one! mira que tengo tantas ganas de hacerlas! mi hermano hizo
    pero de oreos!!!!

  11. mexicanplussizemama2208 says:

    nice like it me gusta

  12. 38cinderella says:

    wow i’ve never seen a man bake!!! you did a really good job:)

  13. Arnaldo Lobos says:

    dialo carajo se ve bueno los cake pops con galletas oreo… creo que era
    oreo lol ta cool

  14. hpdragon723 says:

    The cheesecake does not melt, but it is better if you keep it cool in the
    fridge. They taste so good that they will be gone really fast once one
    tries a Cheesecake Pop. When I make these at home they never last, two days
    is the most because everyone eats them right away.

  15. hpdragon723 says:

    Thank you for watching and for the comment.

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