How to Make Cake Pops (Three Ways!)

Cake pops are a fantastic treat, great for parties and fancy enough for adults! See the recipe on our site–t…

How to make cake pops to give to that special person on Valentine’s day. For the curious: I froze the cake and defrosted it for this recipe. Great way to use…

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36 Responses to “How to Make Cake Pops (Three Ways!)”

  1. De Sya says:

    looks yummmmm

  2. Aracely Aguilar says:

    I recently just discovered this channel and I gotta say I love this
    channel!!! It’s so cool I’m defenitly gonna do some of this!

  3. Alice Jönsson says:


  4. Roxxane Diez says:


  5. Anna Lester says:

    And how come u have such little subscribers?!

  6. Anna Lester says:

    Ur channel is waaaaay better than all the other food channels out there.
    How come you have such little views?!

  7. Gabi P. Bennett says:

    Hey guys I was planning to make these and I was wondering if you HAVE to
    use vanilla sponge cake or can you use normal cake :-) ‘thank you !

  8. Allrecipes AU | NZ says:
  9. Alice Jönsson says:
  10. Gabi P. Bennett says:
  11. Gabi P. Bennett says:
  12. josselyne martinez says:

    what size is the heart shape mold? like the actual heart itself i am seeing
    a mold for 25mm high and 30mm wide but i don’t know how big that would be

  13. mrtnzkm says:

    Those look really good

  14. Pinkie pie says:

    I used chocolate buttons because I can’t find Candy melts anywhere

  15. tyrel archie says:

    i love ur videos i have been watching them for years not that much years
    but i love ur videos im only 11 and i love baking ur videos are

  16. Sophie Pull says:

    Why am i watching this before I go to sleep? IM SO HUNGRY EVEN FROM THE
    BEGINNING I WANTED TO EAT CAKE! (I kinda have an addiction to yoyomax12)

  17. mscoco mcoco says:


  18. roxasgirl1992 says:

    What do you think about cake pop makers (the machines)?

  19. zachkhan1 says:

    Could you make a star cakepop

  20. AsianCanadian says:

    That looks so cute I love it

  21. 123WintersAngel123 says:

    Would marshmallow cream be a good substitute for the icing or is it too

  22. Alanna Howard says:


  23. PennimanLyrics says:

    I would make them a bit smaller

  24. AWWS says:

    it’s that ur mold 2 make valentines crayons?

  25. strelecky7 says:

    U should make a rainbow cake

  26. TheHotPlate1 says:

    These are so creative and cute! xo @TheHotPlate1

  27. karen velasquez says:

    what did you use for the “xoxoxo”

  28. harusaurus says:

    these are so cute i want some ;_;

  29. Дима Нахаба says:


  30. Areeba choudhry says:

    @karen Velasquez as she mentioned it was regular butter cream frosting

  31. Monica Lulek says:

    I’m planning on doing a bake sale. If we get to do it in time for
    valentines day ( not likely) then I’m totally doing these!

  32. jarielys chaparro says:

    no uploaded in january never know

  33. ertan inan says:


  34. TiaRockzXXX says:

    @yoyomax12 – – -please make a cupcake which has a VIDEO GAME CONTROLLER
    device pleeeaaassseeee

  35. amber wickham says:

    so cute 3

  36. tistime12 says:

    U can get it at bulk barn at micheals

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