how to make cake pops using brownie mix!

How to make cake pops without a cake pop pan! All you need is cake mix and frosting, homemade or from the store. Rate, comment and subscribe for videos on ho…
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11 Responses to “how to make cake pops using brownie mix!”

  1. Ava C. says:


  2. Maya Elliott says:

    They turned out amazing!!

  3. Andrea Fabela Lopez says:
  4. Caitlin Dransart says:

    It looks like u shat in a bowl and rolled it up yum!

  5. Julie Nguyen says:


  6. Carissa Garland says:

    Sorry my computer was glitching and went straight from mixing the
    ingredients to shaping and freezing them! Thanks Im going to attempt to
    make then now. :)

  7. Kellie . says:

    what song is this??

  8. claudinethomassians says:

    The cake is baked before being shaped into a cake pop!

  9. Carissa Garland says:

    What about eating the raw egg?

  10. claudinethomassians says:

    Not really, but you can definitely adjust the amount of frosting in the
    batter. The less frosting you have, the more you might have to freeze it in
    order for it to stay together! You can also make your own scratch batter
    and frosting and make it as sweet as you’d like!

  11. omgimyspace says:

    I really love this idea but, do the cake pops end up being to sugary?

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