How to make Cake Pops without Cake Pop Maker – Video Recipe

Do not own cake pop maker but still would like to prepare elegant looking cake pops? This video shows the easiest way to prepare cake pops. Cake pops can be …

We share the easy steps (plus a few tips) for making delicious cakepops with your family! Let us know if you try them! xo CONNECT WITH US: Facebook → https:/…
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39 Responses to “How to make Cake Pops without Cake Pop Maker – Video Recipe”

  1. Maitha Mohammed says:

    How did u melted in I puted it in the microaif and its burned

  2. Priyanka Kohli says:

    Can we use fun foods chocolate paste in d cake.?

  3. Priyanka Kohli says:

    Can we use fun foods chocolate paste in the cake..??

  4. Priyanka Kohli says:

    Can we use fun foods chocolate paste in the cake..??

  5. Kamal Bhakta says:

    so we r both the same lol

  6. Kamal Bhakta says:

    Im indian and im vegetarian and we are eggless people

  7. Mary Newlon says:

    These really sound so easy. I want to put them in baskets for Christmas. 

  8. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    Thanx for sharing!

  9. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    I haven’t tried with milk.

  10. Sangeeta S says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing such lovely stuffs…keep doing ..ur work is
    really appreciable

  11. pandaissleeping says:

    Thankyou so very much! ^_^

  12. jathiny sivaneswaran says:

    Thry look soooooo nice,well done

  13. Dhvani Sinha says:

    Do v hav to put it again inside fridge aftr coating n decoration ??

  14. badd1513 says:

    Hi… I have seen most of your recipes and they are quite lovely…. makes
    me feel like i can cook too…and I am not an ace in the kitchen…..I am
    not sure if you use a special brand of marshmallow….but the ones you were
    holding are not Vegetarian (most marshmallows are not vegetarian.) Just
    thought you should know. :)…. Keep posting your lovely vegetarian
    recipes. You’re doing a great job.

  15. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    I am working on it at present…so will sure do…

  16. Nazima Mehdi says:

    Hi Bhavna! Please do not consume marshmallows available in regular
    supermarkets, as they contain gelatin originating from pork (pig bones and
    cartilage) The only marshmallows suitable for vegetarians are ones
    available in Arabic/Middle Eastern shops, as the gelatin used in those are
    plant derived and not animal derived (those are known as ‘halal’). But some
    brands use gelatin derived from fish bones, so make sure you read the
    ingredients listed on the back to know for sure.

  17. nisha devnani says:

    very nice recipe,thanks

  18. amrita desai says:

    hi, bhavana very good recipe. keep it up

  19. Tasleem Memon says:

    Bhavna i thought you can’t eat meat. You are vegetarian. Marshmallows have
    gelatin which is from meat

  20. Bhavna's Kitchen says:


  21. jugnidisco says:

    You look sexy blowing that powder :)

  22. Krishna Modi says:

    Hi bahvna u r a life saver… I waned to make cake pops for my son today
    and I bought cake mix yesterday and forgot to buy eggs just saw ur recipe
    and you mentioned that u used ready cake mix and did not use egg pls give
    details how to make cake without eggs using ready cake mix.. Thank you…

  23. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    Thanx for sharing!

  24. Rosh JJ says:

    Awesome cake pops! So gonna try them ……

  25. SULBHA GALGALI says:


  26. Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

    +Mary Arriola If your cake is falling apart on you that means it’s too dry
    so add some extra icing to the mix next time. Hope that helps, it’s
    happened to me before too! :) 

  27. Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

    +Tammie ox Sorry I can’t reply to your comment directly – we got our cake
    mixes from the grocery store :) Just a Betty Crocker box mix! :)

  28. Sofia Petroski says:

    I am doing cake pops for my 12th birthday party this really helped!!

  29. Amy McCall says:

    Really cool video and u sound so nice!! As well as the cake pops!

  30. Caeleigh Feindt says:

    cant you just get a cake pop maker or a mold?

  31. Sofia Petroski says:

    Great video!!!

  32. shayleeandbaby says:

    I’ve been intimidated to make these in the past but these are so simple!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  33. Mary Arriola says:

    Why is it that when I made mine they kept falling apart when I would cover
    them in chocolate ?

  34. Chin Yen Tung says:

    Not being offenceive, but u talk too much….

  35. Tammie ox says:

    weird question but where is that cake from? 

  36. Jessica TheMommyArchives says:

    These look delicious! And who would have thought they’d be so simple to

  37. Erin Boshnyak says:

    I’ve made my own recipe of Starbucks salted Carmel cake pops for a bake
    sale :) I prefer my cake paste to be on the drier side

  38. The Mr Emil says:

    Awesome idea ! Sounds so yummy ! love that DIY !

    xx Emil

    P.S.: I would LOVE if you could watch my dessert DIY video ! 

  39. Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

    We share our easy steps for making #DIY #Cakepops with your family! xo

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