How to make chocolate cake pops!

Chocolate cake pops with chocolate buttercream! Let me know if you guys would like to see more of these videos! My baking facebook page:…
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17 Responses to “How to make chocolate cake pops!”

  1. Sanaa Rafi says:

    Plz make more vids! I think that ur vids are amazing and u would not have
    any problems with opening a bakery. Cuz ur amazing . :) and I love ur vids
    and the things u make

  2. Areli Leon says:

    Make more videos Kristina! You’re steps are so easy to follow and I’m not
    intimidated about baking lol. Keep up the good work ! :)

  3. Mayra Molina says:

    Can u include the quantities of each item please?

  4. george morse says:

    Can u make more videos please

  5. Surine Ho says:


  6. Michelle Mendoza says:

    Hi this video is awesome..Pls. upload more video i love baking also..

  7. ThatsSoKristina says:

    Chocolate cake, I have a video up on how to make it!! :)

  8. twentyfifthmayoeight says:

    What kind of cake did you use?

  9. ZachLimsana says:


  10. Tahsin Chowdhury says:

    im makin now asap!!!

  11. Rosie Dillon says:

    It’s the same thing :)

  12. ZachLimsana says:

    More videos

  13. izzi2xa says:

    Yum how long did they take u about?

  14. josie tang says:

    can u just use drinking chocolate? is there a difference between drinking
    chocolate and cocoa powder? plz answer!!

  15. matisselovesyou says:

    make more videos! :(

  16. Hayley Bush says:

    OH my gosh you’re awesome at this! It seems like you coul make a career out
    of this if you wanted.

  17. ThatsSoKristina says:

    Thank you soo much! Baking is my true passion and I’m happy to be able to
    share it :)

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