How to make Emoji Cake Pops / Emoticon Cake Pops – cool! Subscribe for regular videos Support my crowdfunding project! https://www.indie…
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  1. Shirley Castle says:

    Smashing job on your cake pops and the best part is that your girls like
    them. Congrats on your lights for your new kitchen your fans love you. Good
    idea to have a sign saying Good times or your singing one. I bet you have
    very talented fans who would love to make you a sign for a signed cookbook
    I’m sure.

  2. iHeartDIY's says:

    Barry thanks for putting me in the video 

  3. Florian Barbarino says:

    That colonder as a stand for the pops is actually a good idea. it is
    reusable and not as environmentally damaging as polystyrol.very cool recipe

  4. jade0 power says:

    Yay new video 

  5. Barry Lewis says:

    How to make Emoji cake pops!

  6. Kimi Kallman says:

    congratulations on meeting your goal to fund your new kitchen studio! Are
    you still in need of more funding? 

  7. Mandy Dalton says:

    Very awesome! you should make snickerdoodles or some salted caramel

  8. jazzy L says:

    This was weird he said you look good must be your hair I had my hair cut
    yesterday x

  9. Jojogrrness says:

    Forgot about the donation, think I had to find my card originally and
    forgot; my memory is terrible… Decided to chip in just now anyway, use the
    extra money wisely Barry!

  10. Ben Melling says:

    I want to meet you and cook with you!!! Them cake pops look amazing so I
    might use that recipe and make them this weekend. I might do a christmas
    design. Do you think apple and cinnamon cake would be nice with them if I
    cook the apple so it is softer? 

  11. Allan Smith says:

    How’s the light my kitchen project going Barry ? 

  12. AnnK H says:

    These are cute! And such a smart idea to use the upsidedown colander to
    stick the pops on!!

  13. Natalie C says:

    So creative!!!!

  14. Mariann OL says:

    haha great timing, just had my hair cut today:) thanks barry!

  15. CJ Burkey says:

    I just cut my hair, how did you know? XD

  16. Nancy Aldridge says:

    Choclate lolly pops Barry !

  17. DAT ASS says:

    Wait 3:52 did you just said spank My Heini D:

  18. Charlie Girl says:

    Plz can u follow me on Instagram and great idea my idtagram name is

  19. Calvin Lin says:

    +Barry Lewis this is amazing totally trying this! Going to make some for
    the bake sale?

  20. Sarah W says:

    I’d just like to say you’re one of my favourite YouTubers. Cooking skill
    and helpfulness aside (which are both fantastic), your personality shines
    so bright, and that’s why I continue to watch you. :) Thanks for being you,

  21. Emma Neale says:

    The weird thing is I dyed my hair today….

  22. TheHazelNut X says:

    For the blushing emoji, you can use red cake/edible dusk. Works a charm,
    I’m pretty sure you can get it at any local cookery store. Just a tip for
    the future :)

  23. Yui_Connor says:

    yay congrats on ur compaign 

  24. John Pinas says:

    this looks nice, barry!

  25. Joshua Rolfe says:

    Awesome +Barry Lewis 

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